Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Day

Today has not exactly been the best day of my life, nor has it been the worst. But it was a day I would not like to repete and it was a really bad way to start off my week. To start out with I had been feeling guilty about something personal I had done over the weekend. Also for the past week I have been feeling sick on and off. Now to make matters worse I had a Quiz Bowl today. I was a little nervous for that and my friends were a little on the crabby side this morning. I lifted weights second hour and was feeling a little energetic afterward. I had to leave at 12:20 to eat lunch then walk -the whole 6 blocks- down to the other high school in town for the Quiz Bowl.

At the Quiz Bowl I started to feel better (I'm kind of a nerd if you havent noticed) because my team members were pretty cool and I enjoy hanging out with them alright. We didn't so hot but we didnt care we had fun any way and the teacher that went with us, Mr. Jones, is the best teacher on the planet.I was feeling pretty good about myself even though I missed half of the questions I answered.

So, I get home in a really good mood. Maybe because it is spring and that means summer break is looming ahead like a long lost dream, or maybe because I had overcome a personal obstacle, or perhaps simply because I was feeling good -health wise- and I had fun at the competition, but I was happy. So feeling ambitious I did all of my chores while my mom was taking a nap and never even complained. I cleaned the house and did the laundry. My dad came home and we went out to the farm to see the baby calves and my adorable fat cat, Snowball.

I started on supper as soon as got home and did the dishes. Now as I have mentioned in previous blogs that my dad is not exactly a lenient guy. I must not have put the lid on the flour canister and when he pulled it out to thicken up the pancake batter it went everywhere and all you can hear across the house is swearing. I felt so bad I wanted to cry.

But that wasnt all of it. I said once that silence is good, well, I take that back. He just stood there by the stove. My mom came in from the other room and sat on a stool. There was nothing but pure silence in that room. All you could hear was the soft hum of the lights and my dish rag rubbing on a plate. I started to feel a wave on nausia pass over me and I clutched my stomach with one hand, while I could feel my fathers anger in the air. Now as I write, he is in the next room watching Cheers and hopefully "cheer"ing up. Sometimes I wish he would lighten up..For Life!

The End of My Pitiful Story

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