Friday, April 30, 2010

In Times Like These

So today I got really upset, when this girl flipped out on me in the girls locker room. I shut myself in a bathroom stall and cried. Later my friend and I were accused of cheating by all the stupid, brainless guys in our class and I got pissed. I smashed my thumb between two weight in gym class and strained my chest muscles. I forgot my Algebra book in my locker so I can't finesh my homework. I get home and my family razzes me about my school. I storm out of the room and down the basement steps to my last hope, the computer. Thats how I wound up here and frankly I really dont like feeling this depressed. Oh high school, I really hate you. When is summer vacation and hiking in the Rockies going to come?? So in times like these I thought I should remind myself that life is going to be alright and with that in mind this is a song I wrote that makes me feel like everything is going to be ok, even when it seems like the world is ending.

In Times Like These

God is real I can feel
God is with me everywhere I go
This I know
When the world is shaken
When my heart is breaking
I know he will be there
Sometimes we tell ourselves that he must not care
There’s always a reason
We’re meant to be a beacon of hope
Hold on to you faith I pray that

In times like these
I forget just who I am
In times like these
I look to the lamb
In times like these
I think God made you for me
We weren’t meant to figure it out on our one
God didn’t make us to be alone (this I know)
Yes I believe, I believe in God
In times like these
(oh-o will you believe with me)

God is pure That’s for sure
God is with me no matter what I do
God loves you
When the world is shaking
When people are taking
We know he’ll be here
So don’t shed a tear
There’s always hope; cling to it like a rope
Don’t let it fade away This I pray

-A. Richart

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