Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh another grueling day at school. Well actually not. There was weights class to live through, which is getting easier and easier every week as i progressively grow stronger. Physical Science is a joke though, ever since our teacher, Mrs. Walsh, has been gone on maturnity leave that classroom is the joke capital of the school. For one our sub is an ex-English teacher, she doesn't know squat about science. Her nickname is Mrs. Mountains, and we like to say she has a built-in armrest For two, its electricity, personally the most boring topic on the planet. (No offense to any one who likes it) Who really wants to learn about circuts and switches, Uggh. So my friend and I sit in the back of the room and talk the whole time and comment on everything she says under our breath.

Spanish is just another study hall, Computer Apps is still retarded, English is amazing. Math is difficult, but I am getting the hang of it finally. Most important of all Eighth Hour World Geo, best class ever. Its not only easy but I have so much fun in that class. I am the only girl and the guys for once act somewhat mature...ok maybe not but..Hey there nice to me at least!
Well the PrisonGuard (my dad) is home so I better get going. Bye all.

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