Monday, April 12, 2010

Scholastic Contest

Well i just got back from a dumb scholastic contest. I spent the first half of the day walking around looking lost, being late for my tests and worrying over everthing. I finally met up with some Junior girls who were nice enough to let me "hang out" with them because i was all alone. The most remembered part of the whole day was waiting in the crowded gym waiting (stomach flip-flopping) for awards. I ended up taking home two second place medals. On the way home i just sat there on the bus listening to my music and i thought. Is there more to life than just some silly award? The obvious answer is yes.

I spent all day wandering around in circles looking at people i didnt even know wondering who they really were. I watched college kids and thought about how I would be when I am older. I saw couples together and wondered what it would be like to have someone that will always be there for you. Most days I'm not very close with my own friends and I have never had a boyfriend before. I am supposedly allowed to have one as soon as I turn sixteen but I kind of doubt that my parents will approve of anyone I date anyway. But at the contest someone said to me. "You know your kinda quiet" I couldnt help but agree with them. Silence can sometimes be your best friend. It usually is for me....

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