Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Day...huh?

Ohh its one of those days when you wake up and realize "I'm invincible, nothing is going wrong today" The whole house is clean, the sun is shining, my hair was just perfct when I woke up. Even though my legs and stomach is sore from weights class it just seems like everying is great today!! It makes me want to sing, even though I feel like singing about every minute of everyday because I love singing so much. I thought today on this amazing day I would share one of my favorite songs (That I wrote) about this guy Ive mentioned before.

"when I look in to your clear blue eyes and see your hair that looks like the morning sunshine and suddenly I remember where I am and that your not mine
every time I see you it stops me in my tracks and it takes my breath away to hear you laugh I cant help but stare at that beautiful face why I can never get you out of my head I'll never know
everytime I close my eyes I see your face it is haunting me
like a bad dream, but I dont wanna wake up
I dont know what you dont see in me but if you look closely you will see a lonely girl longing to hold you
everynight I pray that someday you'll open your eyes and see me wanting you
and that someday youll be mine"
Someday You'll be Mine-- A. Richart (me)

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