Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to my very incredibly unique life

I can decribe my life in one word.... pathetic I am fifteen and I am not allowed the same privileges that other kids do. I can't go places with friends often, I can't play sports, and I have to work every night after school. I am tired of my parents gaurding me like I am a convict. I am ready to start living my life and they think im ready for baby food. I just wish sometimes that they would leave me be. My dad is just too hard on me, he always expects me to do things i just cant do. I know I know, people say its just because he loves me and doesnt want to see me hurt and bla bla bla. Trust me i know my dad and there is something more than that. He doesnt trust me and I am never going to be good enough for him. I just wish he would see that I'm not a little girl anymore, but Im afraid that is impossible

Metaphor of the Day:
My life is a top spinning around when the top is spinning its a good day when all goes well. When top comes crashing to a stop its a bad day. The days when it falls off the counter to the floor are the blackest days yet. My life (the top) depends on the person in control to pick it back up and set it spinning again.

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