Monday, April 26, 2010

When I see the world

Today is a new begining for some people and a total ending for others. I would like to stop and think about this concept for a minute. Point number one: there are millions of people around the world that had a horrible day. Some people died, Some probably were horribly humiliated, others were left out, some were teased, others maybe were pushed and physically hurt/tortured. Many are starving and homeless, some probably got rained on. Other people got in trouble, some are in jail for no reason at all. Point number two: There are millions of people around the world that had an amazing day. They may have had a new baby girl, or had their first kiss. Some probabaly made their dream come true. Others maybe made a lot of money, or had some great accomplishment. Some passed a really hard test or exam. Some were married; Some were divorced. Some are trying to make ends meet, some have executive offices high up in a shiny skyscraper.

Doesnt that make my tiny blog post a little bit insignificant? Just think about that. This is a big world doenst something have to control it all? Life and death cannot be just based on chance. There had to be some laws set in place to keep the whole chaotic world turning around. Tonight just look up at the stars or the clouds in the sky and think about how big space really is. And compared to the rest of outer space this planet is really small and unimportant. If the world is really that small how small do you think you are? Believe me the world doesnt revolve around any one person. But are we really flying through space without a capitan. I dont think so.

Take a look at a new baby, a mountain peak, or at an underwater reef. What do you see when you see the world. I see a creation, a beauty that cannot be erased no matter what anyone does to the environment. Sunsets are paintings in the sky and though they eventually fade into midnight blue after the sun goes down, I belive they still exist in a photo album somewhere in heaven. Call me crazy, but what is a girl without dreams.

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