Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Day Before the Kansas Shore

~Tuesday, May 25th at 11: 15 pm~
Well, in about nine hours I will be leaving for the distant Kansas shore. Well OK its more like a line in the sand rather than a shore. But it is my beloved Kansas. I know this sounds crazy because for one Kansas is like no big deal to most people its, you know, just another farm state out in the middle of the boonies. Well, Kansas means a great deal to me, for one my brother lives there with his wife, Krystal. know I have only been to Kansas City, once and I for the most part am a country girl, but the one time was there I fell in love with it and I was really sad when I got home. So lucky me, I get to back!
There is no place I would rather be right now, except for right here. I really like sitting on my bed with the sound of the fan above me and the soft click click of the keys on my laptop. The soft cushions and pillows propping me up so I can read the words my brain is keying into the computer. If I could change one thing about this evening I would have a certain person by my side. I know what you're thinking that I should just get over the dork and move on with my life. Well maybe you are right its just so hard when the guy is attached to my heart like a leech. Its not that he is mooching off of me, hes really sweet, its just that I cant get over him, hes like a highly addictive drug and I'm hooked on him! I don't
know what to do I doubt if they have those self-help groups for people like me that are hung up on guys but hey you never know they have strange things in the cities! Well its time to run, and I am running out of time so Toodles! Xoxo...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bummer Summer

God, why does Blake have such a hold on me? It feels like he is the only one who could ever be right for me. This is killing me, and now on the last day of school it seems like, I don't know maybe I will never see him again. Why does this feeling never go away? I am standing almost at a bridge in my life between school and summer, freshman and sophomore, youth and adult. Maybe it is just me but I can feel my world changing in ways i never thought it could. Here I am late at night typing away furiously on this little laptop computer thinking madly about my future. Who else in the world could claim the same experience? I have written so many songs, poems, and stories i could fill an entire three-ring binder! I am so nuts with writing like now, for instance i can seem to shut myself up. I can type until three in the morning if I wanted to.
But for now it is late and i have to go. But summer officially starts for me today and I can hardly feel it I am so worked up over leaving all my friends (and Blake) behind. It is going to be one Bummer Summer fighting to get over him and on with the rest of my life....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Day of Freshman Year

Today was the last day of my freshman year. I feel like I am on an edge, between who I was and who I am going to be. Things seem to blur around me as if I am rushing past everything. For years I felt stuck in the mud, like I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. Now I just feel accelerated, like I am flying above and beyond my wildest dreams.
I want to remember everything about this day, just in case it never is this way again. I think back on all the memories, all the times we’ve shared, the laughter, the tears. I know now that I wouldn’t change a thing about this year. I think maybe that last fleeting look at my crush will be the last time I ever see him. That thought scares me, but what if it’s true. What if I never see him again? What if I have just stepped through those glass doors for the last time in my life? I am not a senior, so why does this feel like an ending rather than a beginning?
Maybe my subconscious it trying to tell me that something will be different next year. I don’t know why I am feeling this way. If I die today I will feel only half complete, I didn’t finish high school, I never told Blake how I feel about him, I never went to Kansas to see my brother, I didn’t get to tell my best friends goodbye. But I will die at peace with the world that I can be sure of. I left school without arguments, wars, or drama. It was passive friendship that walked me out the door as I collected hugs along the way. I remember the warm goodbye’s from all my teachers that I will genuinely miss all summer. The time spent in their classrooms were the best spent times of my life, and I only wish I had the chance to thank them for everything they do. Three years from now I will look back at my high school career and I know I will cry when I stand in front of the whole school, and my parents and say these truly were the best days of my life.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Spenglish Storem for Miss Fuzzletum

It was ho hum day in Spenglish class
Shishing and Droping the time would pass
With a storem to write, but where to start?
The words on my papger that came from my heart
Miss Fuzzletum at her tablesk
The student’s smizzled in their nest
A spleary Jugbug was fluzzing about the room
My pen slippelled off my desk and landed with KA-BOOM.
A Splanterbant was slooping with a splishity-splash
A neighbor squished him and flimed away its mash
Someone’s shoke tip-tapped against the grate
I absolutely certaintotally could not concentrate
Distractions caused by flibber-flabber
Children talking jibber-jabber
The words wouldn’t write themselves
My thoughts were stolen by Grimlelves
Finally a pherse in mind
At first a word and then a line
It slarped out of my brain and onto the floor
It ran to the wall and was shmushed by the door
It boonked off the ceiling, smapped by the light
Then shuzzled off the fan with all of its might
As it fell toward the ground it smucked off my hat
Then dropped on my papger with a garcuntous “Ker splat”
I rearranged it all separating fluz from the flum
Then handed in this paper to Miss Fuzzletum

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Voice of My Pen

Writing is my great escape
It is how I leave my worries behind
I find it quite relaxing
I find it quite tranquil
I can sit and write until I have my fill
I write stories, books and more
I could write for hours on end
I have a voice I speak with my pen
It tells me everything I have to say
Sometimes the voice is happy, it makes me sing
Other times it is very sad
But it never runs out of rhymes
Everywhere I go I always have a pen
Just in case a little phrase gets stuck inside my head
A. Richart

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Butterfly song

We grew up in a little town, Butterfly and I
When my heart was broken she let me cry
On her shoulder
As my world got colder
Sometimes it was winter in my life
But it was always spring for my butterfly

*Chorus* She was a beautiful, social butterfly
Everybody said, yeah that she was alright
Oooo oo Oh oh
Prettiest girl I know
Somehow, Someday
She’s gonna fly away
You can’t leave cause you’re mine

She always said I was a butterfly too
I had to bust out of my cocoon
But I didn’t believe
Then I had to leave her
I ran away to be star
And now I wonder where you are
You’re making me cry
Oh little butterfly


I got a call the other day
My butterfly just flew away
I flew three hours just to see her
As my heart filled up with fear
I run to waiting room
Gotta hear the latest news
What did the doctor say?
Will she be ok?
There doing all they can for her
But they’re still not sure
Before Long
She was gone

She was a beautiful social butterfly
Then the doctor said, she’s not gonna be alright
Oooo oo Oh oh
Prettiest girl I know
I knew someday; she was gonna fly away
You can’t leave, your mine butterfly

We grew up in a little town, Butterfly and I

A. Richart

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poems & Songs

The Runaway

Where do you run if you're running from yourself?
How can you hide and be somebody else?
You always know inside your true identity.
No matter where you go in the country or the city.
People on the outside may only see a facade
But your outward appearance is no barricade
To all the emotions locked up in your soul.
They'll keep tearing until they create hole.
So don't try to run away just hold on tight.
Someone will come along soon and make everything alright.

Cry Baby Cry

I was the baby of the family
And when I fell out of the stupid tree
I hit every branch on the way down
With three brothers waiting when I hit the ground
We would fight; every day
When I’d cry; they’d never fail to say
Cry baby Cry
Go tell your momma
Cry baby Cry
It’s all about the Drama
Do you really think we Care
Go ahead do it if you dare

In Loving Memory of
Scott Andrew Gonsauls
To: Elizabeth Len

I am sitting here in the cool of twilight
Somewhere between day and night
The sun is setting in the western sky
As I wipe a tear from my eye
Your hand I wish to hold
I see the stars they shine like gold
I wonder why there not falling down
Why they never plummet to the ground

Today was a day of great sorrow
That won’t be healed tomorrow
There are not enough ways
To get through the next days
The world you may begin to hate
That is just a case of fate
Some people tend to say
You will stay awake night and day
Recounting the days of yore
Your heart is bruised and sore

For he was a wonderful father to you
Now that he’s departed what do you do?
Even though he is gone
His memory still lives on
Do not be frightened
For soon your life will be brightened

I know it will take so long
For you to move on
And life may be unfair
But I will always be there
When days fill up with pain
And there is nothing left to gain
You should think of me then
My lovely Elizabeth Len

Angela Kay Richart

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fallen Angel - Chapter One - By: A. Richart

Chapter One
Let me tell you the most unbelievable love story that ever lived. It starts out not-so many years ago, in a not-so far away place. It was small town in Nebraska, which just may be the perfect setting for our fairytale princess. She was a farmer’s daughter, who had lived her whole life hoping for a brighter future. She wanted to be successful, beautiful and loved. She always dreamed of running away and finding the love of her life. He would be tall and handsome, and he would never leave her side like so many guys had before.
But what she failed to realize that there was someone looking out for her ever since the day she was born. Someone she could never see, but someone that was nevertheless was always there making sure that she was always safe, healthy and happy. He comforted her when she scraped her knee, wrecked her car, or the time last year when she lost her mother. He was always there, but he was unseen.
Julia Ann Waters was unlike any other girl in Hay Creek. She was truly unique in the fact that she was the only girl in her thirties still single and didn’t care. Of course, she would have married sooner if her heart hadn’t been broken so many times before, by men who just didn’t care. Julia thought that by heading off to New York City she could find the man of her dreams. She ended up breaking her heart again and about the time she was giving up on love some one else was falling in love with her.
Michael loved Julia more than she would ever know. Julia didn’t even know he existed. You see, Michael was her guardian angel. He had been there for her all her life, and she couldn’t even see him. He was desperately in love with her, but there was no way to tell her how he felt. He thought that maybe someday, God would let him be a human so he could try to win her love. He assured himself that it was impossible, but God already knew how he felt because God knew his heart.
“Surely God will grant me that wish” he thought to himself. “No, what am I thinking that would be impossible I have a duty as an angel to God!”
“You are wrong Michael” Michael spun around to see God standing behind him. “I will grant you your wish because I see your heart holds truly honorable intentions. I believe that you want what is best for Julia and you have deep feelings for her.” At those words Michael hung his head, trying to hide his burning face without success.
“Michael, here is the deal. I will make you human but you will be assigned no guardians, and you will not be able to communicate with any superior beings. However, like all humans you can communicate with me through prayer only. All of your angelic powers will be taken. When your human life ends you will go back to being an angel, and that is the end. Your most important mission is to win souls, and if you wish to win her heart that is up to you.”
And with those words Michael looked down at his robe and he began to fade into air and was almost frightened for a minute at where he was going. But he relaxed, and let himself leave the heavenly realm. He was going home to his beautiful Julia after all this time.

A. Richart

Friday, May 7, 2010

I dont want to go in

I don’t wanna go in

~I opened up the screen door but I didn’t want to go in I 'd rather get back on my bike and ride away but I had to get more papers so I could finish my route
I was only 13 but I didn’t want to go in

-Cause through the window I can hear yelling shouting weeping I don’t wanna go in I know Mom's been trying now she's crying Daddy's denying and I am Dying-

I opened up the screen door but I didn’t wanna go in I’d rather get back in my car and drive away but I had to get an education so I could finish school I was only 16 But I didn’t wanna go in

-Cause through the window I can hear yelling, shouting, weeping. I don't want to go in I know Mom's been trying, now she's crying. Daddy's denying and I am Dying -Oh ya Im Dying..

I opened up the screen door but I didn’t want to go in I'd rather get back on the plane and fly away but I had to get more memories so I could move on with my life I was only 25 but I didn’t want to go in

-Cause through the window I cant hear the Yelling, Shouting, Weeping I still don’t wanna go in Mom was trying now she's crying daddy's Denying now he lies Dying oh he is dying and I am crying too but I don’t wanna go in!

No, no not again.~

--A. Richart

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Chicks

I did something interesting today...

I went to a store and watched baby chickens. Baby chicks are so cute, they do everything in quick, fluid motion They peck rapidly at their food, they sip water fast. They know fear very well. When you put your arm in the tank they all scramble to the corners.Yet these tiny cheepers can be totally fearless at times.
They will stand on top of their feeder and leap into
the air to fly. They hit the ground pretty hard
but they get right back on and try again.
They wont let the walls around them
make them feel small, they fight back
to let the wall know they are there.
You can feel their tiny heart beat
when your hold them. You can
soothe them by
gently stroking their
heads. And when
they get sleepy
they cuddle
in a pile
and go to

Good Night.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

When someone pisses you off

So on those days when everyone is driving you insane and you cant take it anymore. Just use this simple cure. Think of the person that is making your life hell and just picture them in this scenario...

Dream of strangling her with an extension cord then hanging that from a ceiling fan…after that turn it on and beat her with a piƱata stick while a monkey on a ladder pounds her in the face with an umbrella. Next you dropkick her out of a 20 story skyscraper and shoot at her (while she’s falling) with an M16. Hopefully some pigeons will come and crap on her and a hawk will tear her eyes before she hits the ground. When she finally hits the pavement she’s run over by a tank and a cement truck pours wet concrete all over her. After that place dynamite on the street and blow her into itty bitty pieces. Then at her funeral light her coffin on fire and bury it in quicksand… Just think what the Chinese people will do to her when she reaches the other side of the world.

:) Bet I made your day...