Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bummer Summer

God, why does Blake have such a hold on me? It feels like he is the only one who could ever be right for me. This is killing me, and now on the last day of school it seems like, I don't know maybe I will never see him again. Why does this feeling never go away? I am standing almost at a bridge in my life between school and summer, freshman and sophomore, youth and adult. Maybe it is just me but I can feel my world changing in ways i never thought it could. Here I am late at night typing away furiously on this little laptop computer thinking madly about my future. Who else in the world could claim the same experience? I have written so many songs, poems, and stories i could fill an entire three-ring binder! I am so nuts with writing like now, for instance i can seem to shut myself up. I can type until three in the morning if I wanted to.
But for now it is late and i have to go. But summer officially starts for me today and I can hardly feel it I am so worked up over leaving all my friends (and Blake) behind. It is going to be one Bummer Summer fighting to get over him and on with the rest of my life....

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