Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Day Before the Kansas Shore

~Tuesday, May 25th at 11: 15 pm~
Well, in about nine hours I will be leaving for the distant Kansas shore. Well OK its more like a line in the sand rather than a shore. But it is my beloved Kansas. I know this sounds crazy because for one Kansas is like no big deal to most people its, you know, just another farm state out in the middle of the boonies. Well, Kansas means a great deal to me, for one my brother lives there with his wife, Krystal. know I have only been to Kansas City, once and I for the most part am a country girl, but the one time was there I fell in love with it and I was really sad when I got home. So lucky me, I get to back!
There is no place I would rather be right now, except for right here. I really like sitting on my bed with the sound of the fan above me and the soft click click of the keys on my laptop. The soft cushions and pillows propping me up so I can read the words my brain is keying into the computer. If I could change one thing about this evening I would have a certain person by my side. I know what you're thinking that I should just get over the dork and move on with my life. Well maybe you are right its just so hard when the guy is attached to my heart like a leech. Its not that he is mooching off of me, hes really sweet, its just that I cant get over him, hes like a highly addictive drug and I'm hooked on him! I don't
know what to do I doubt if they have those self-help groups for people like me that are hung up on guys but hey you never know they have strange things in the cities! Well its time to run, and I am running out of time so Toodles! Xoxo...


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