Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fallen Angel - Chapter One - By: A. Richart

Chapter One
Let me tell you the most unbelievable love story that ever lived. It starts out not-so many years ago, in a not-so far away place. It was small town in Nebraska, which just may be the perfect setting for our fairytale princess. She was a farmer’s daughter, who had lived her whole life hoping for a brighter future. She wanted to be successful, beautiful and loved. She always dreamed of running away and finding the love of her life. He would be tall and handsome, and he would never leave her side like so many guys had before.
But what she failed to realize that there was someone looking out for her ever since the day she was born. Someone she could never see, but someone that was nevertheless was always there making sure that she was always safe, healthy and happy. He comforted her when she scraped her knee, wrecked her car, or the time last year when she lost her mother. He was always there, but he was unseen.
Julia Ann Waters was unlike any other girl in Hay Creek. She was truly unique in the fact that she was the only girl in her thirties still single and didn’t care. Of course, she would have married sooner if her heart hadn’t been broken so many times before, by men who just didn’t care. Julia thought that by heading off to New York City she could find the man of her dreams. She ended up breaking her heart again and about the time she was giving up on love some one else was falling in love with her.
Michael loved Julia more than she would ever know. Julia didn’t even know he existed. You see, Michael was her guardian angel. He had been there for her all her life, and she couldn’t even see him. He was desperately in love with her, but there was no way to tell her how he felt. He thought that maybe someday, God would let him be a human so he could try to win her love. He assured himself that it was impossible, but God already knew how he felt because God knew his heart.
“Surely God will grant me that wish” he thought to himself. “No, what am I thinking that would be impossible I have a duty as an angel to God!”
“You are wrong Michael” Michael spun around to see God standing behind him. “I will grant you your wish because I see your heart holds truly honorable intentions. I believe that you want what is best for Julia and you have deep feelings for her.” At those words Michael hung his head, trying to hide his burning face without success.
“Michael, here is the deal. I will make you human but you will be assigned no guardians, and you will not be able to communicate with any superior beings. However, like all humans you can communicate with me through prayer only. All of your angelic powers will be taken. When your human life ends you will go back to being an angel, and that is the end. Your most important mission is to win souls, and if you wish to win her heart that is up to you.”
And with those words Michael looked down at his robe and he began to fade into air and was almost frightened for a minute at where he was going. But he relaxed, and let himself leave the heavenly realm. He was going home to his beautiful Julia after all this time.

A. Richart

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