Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Chicks

I did something interesting today...

I went to a store and watched baby chickens. Baby chicks are so cute, they do everything in quick, fluid motion They peck rapidly at their food, they sip water fast. They know fear very well. When you put your arm in the tank they all scramble to the corners.Yet these tiny cheepers can be totally fearless at times.
They will stand on top of their feeder and leap into
the air to fly. They hit the ground pretty hard
but they get right back on and try again.
They wont let the walls around them
make them feel small, they fight back
to let the wall know they are there.
You can feel their tiny heart beat
when your hold them. You can
soothe them by
gently stroking their
heads. And when
they get sleepy
they cuddle
in a pile
and go to

Good Night.

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