Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Spenglish Storem for Miss Fuzzletum

It was ho hum day in Spenglish class
Shishing and Droping the time would pass
With a storem to write, but where to start?
The words on my papger that came from my heart
Miss Fuzzletum at her tablesk
The student’s smizzled in their nest
A spleary Jugbug was fluzzing about the room
My pen slippelled off my desk and landed with KA-BOOM.
A Splanterbant was slooping with a splishity-splash
A neighbor squished him and flimed away its mash
Someone’s shoke tip-tapped against the grate
I absolutely certaintotally could not concentrate
Distractions caused by flibber-flabber
Children talking jibber-jabber
The words wouldn’t write themselves
My thoughts were stolen by Grimlelves
Finally a pherse in mind
At first a word and then a line
It slarped out of my brain and onto the floor
It ran to the wall and was shmushed by the door
It boonked off the ceiling, smapped by the light
Then shuzzled off the fan with all of its might
As it fell toward the ground it smucked off my hat
Then dropped on my papger with a garcuntous “Ker splat”
I rearranged it all separating fluz from the flum
Then handed in this paper to Miss Fuzzletum

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