Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poems & Songs

The Runaway

Where do you run if you're running from yourself?
How can you hide and be somebody else?
You always know inside your true identity.
No matter where you go in the country or the city.
People on the outside may only see a facade
But your outward appearance is no barricade
To all the emotions locked up in your soul.
They'll keep tearing until they create hole.
So don't try to run away just hold on tight.
Someone will come along soon and make everything alright.

Cry Baby Cry

I was the baby of the family
And when I fell out of the stupid tree
I hit every branch on the way down
With three brothers waiting when I hit the ground
We would fight; every day
When I’d cry; they’d never fail to say
Cry baby Cry
Go tell your momma
Cry baby Cry
It’s all about the Drama
Do you really think we Care
Go ahead do it if you dare

In Loving Memory of
Scott Andrew Gonsauls
To: Elizabeth Len

I am sitting here in the cool of twilight
Somewhere between day and night
The sun is setting in the western sky
As I wipe a tear from my eye
Your hand I wish to hold
I see the stars they shine like gold
I wonder why there not falling down
Why they never plummet to the ground

Today was a day of great sorrow
That won’t be healed tomorrow
There are not enough ways
To get through the next days
The world you may begin to hate
That is just a case of fate
Some people tend to say
You will stay awake night and day
Recounting the days of yore
Your heart is bruised and sore

For he was a wonderful father to you
Now that he’s departed what do you do?
Even though he is gone
His memory still lives on
Do not be frightened
For soon your life will be brightened

I know it will take so long
For you to move on
And life may be unfair
But I will always be there
When days fill up with pain
And there is nothing left to gain
You should think of me then
My lovely Elizabeth Len

Angela Kay Richart

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