Saturday, May 1, 2010

When someone pisses you off

So on those days when everyone is driving you insane and you cant take it anymore. Just use this simple cure. Think of the person that is making your life hell and just picture them in this scenario...

Dream of strangling her with an extension cord then hanging that from a ceiling fan…after that turn it on and beat her with a piƱata stick while a monkey on a ladder pounds her in the face with an umbrella. Next you dropkick her out of a 20 story skyscraper and shoot at her (while she’s falling) with an M16. Hopefully some pigeons will come and crap on her and a hawk will tear her eyes before she hits the ground. When she finally hits the pavement she’s run over by a tank and a cement truck pours wet concrete all over her. After that place dynamite on the street and blow her into itty bitty pieces. Then at her funeral light her coffin on fire and bury it in quicksand… Just think what the Chinese people will do to her when she reaches the other side of the world.

:) Bet I made your day...

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