Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Great Kauffman Stadium!

The lights, the fountains, the roar of the crowd, the lump in your throat, and total bliss that is Kauffman Stadium. Home of the Kansas City Royals!! Last night was the greatest night for me, my first ever Major League Baseball game. It couldn't have been any better, unless of course they had won, and I hadn't gotten a Sierra Mist to drink. The Kansas City Royals vs. The Detroit Tigers. Last night the players were great They just got a little behind their game. The outfeilder Scott Posednick, the catcher Jason Kendall, David Dejesus, and several others were outstanding. The feild was great the Stadium was incredible, the experience was unforgetable. It was truly a once in a lifetime event that will change my life, no doubt.

Once you go Royals you never go back. They have a really great thing going, a terrific feild, a talented team, and very loyal fans. I think they are aware that to many people they are the greatest team on dirt. Honestly I don't give a hoot about any other team in the league. Kansas City just means something to me and the Royals will always be the team I root for in the bleachers or on ESPN, because of last night, my very first stadim experiance.

Believe it or not, Kauffman Staduim is in the Top Ten Stadiums for fan appeal. They are at number 9 on that chart, but they will always be Number One for me. Let me say one thing that I know will always be true, I am a Loyal Royal...who else is with me?

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