Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Tribute to Sam

Sam is in the kitchen, sleeping on the floor
Any minute now, Sam may be no more
Sam is very sick, he barely speaks a word
For you see, my Sam is a little baby bird
He's a turkey to exact, he's the oddest little fellow
You can never enter the room without him cheeping a "hello"
He was born crippled, he may never walk
But the poor little guy sure knows how to talk
He is fuzzy and sweet and would never hurt a fly
But we can't get him to eat and I am afraid he's going to die
They say he doesn't have a chance, he never will survive
But I would do anything to keep my Sam alive
I have only known Sam one full day
But he's changed my life, I'd have to say
I'll never look at life the same way

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