Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm wishing right now I wasn't alone
I'd do anything to make you come home
But when there's nothing left to do
That's when I want to be with you
But something stops me every time
I catch up, yet I fall behind
I want so bad to be yours
But you close up all the doors
In one swift motion
Like a sick love potion
I fall down on my knees
And I cry myself to sleep
Will I ever get some rest?
I feel the heart beat in my chest
And wonder why I care so much
I cant go on without your touch
I'm wrapped around your fingers
In my head, your picture lingers
Tell me why should I go on?
Stealing light from the dawn
It would be easier to do
Then trying to get over you.
I know I should put the pain aside
Try to mask the tears I hide
Wrap on a big, warm smile
And endeavor to forget awhile
But I already know it's futile

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