Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How I'm Made

I am extraordinary
No one is quite like me
I prefer to be myself
Don't need to be nobody else
I can play air guitar like no other
I have firm parents and older brothers
And we still fight, to this day
But thats just how I'm made

I only believe what I can see
I never sit and watch T.V.
Didn't need no guitar picks
I learned to play with my fingertips
And it might not sound pretty to you
But I play my heart out, true
Guess you can say
I do things the hard way
But that's just how I'm made

My parents never paid for cable
So I grew up with fairy tales and fables
About princes, and dragons
Then, white covered wagons
I was real fond of reading
And I dont show my feelings
I didnt grow up with a lot of toys
And I get nervous around most boys
I'm clumsy, I got no grace
But thats just how I'm made

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