Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Last Few Days

Lately I haven't blogged very much. I have been drained with stress, and also anemia. Its not serious so I not worried, it just makes me tired and have a loss of appetite. I have been laying around the house, and kind of being a sloth, barely moving and lacking in the ambition area. I have accomplished very little, reading romance novels on the internet, becoming an alternate rock junkie-practically overnight-, making a video for my friend (the one posted on my previous blog.) and trying to figure out what the point is in my life.

Now, I'm not extremely happy by any means, but I am better than I have been. Now that the certain someone that-I'm-not so sure how I feel about him,  is back from playing baseball in Texas, I have been feeling better. I am smiling again, just talking to him online makes me happy. In all honestly, I have never met the object of my apparent attraction. We just stumbled across each other online. He was nice, cute and apparently we have a  lot in common. I can pretty much tell him anything, because really it doesn't matter what he knows, he can't spread rumors about me if he doesn't even know me. But to some extend, yes, he does know me I have told him things even some of my closest friends don't know. He just seems to get me and everything we talk about just seems to prove a chemistry between us. Maybe its just me, but I have been starved for male attention for so long now. I try to tell myself that he and I will never be anything more than friends, but deep down I hope it isn't true.

So here I sit, laptop on my lap, Stitches in my heart (well not technically) and a faint nausea in my stomach. Most of the sickness has died down by now, but it still lingers when I stand up too fast when I've been sitting a while. And another thing I hate talking to someone when occasionally you have to ask them if they're still there. It just gets on my nerves and if you ask why I brought it up, its because I am in one of those conversations at the moment. With the 'ahem' boy, I need to come up with some secret name so I can talk about him all I want and never have to say his real name. I was going to go with Shorty but I received new information today and discovered he is three inches taller than me, so that is out of the question. Maybe I'll have to go with John Dough 2, but that sounds too suspicious like he was involved in the bombing of the Murrah building. I have just been going with HE, and HIM whenever referring to him when I talk to my best friend. Then I got to all the silly nicknames calling him Willy, William, Wilbur, and of course my best friends favorite Wil-I-Am. I guess when I come up with something, my Blog followers, you will be the first to know, ok so my only Blog Follower is my best friend and she will already know, because I tell her everything. Oh well.

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