Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back To School....I Would Totally Run Away...

Well. I have been back in school now for two days. My classes are all pretty good, but there are some that I have a few problems with. First hour I have English, which is peachy, then American History, and Biology. Those three classes are pretty cool with me, they are all with my whole class. Then I have Art, which I have no talent for, but it filled in the empty spot in my schedule. Sixth hour is Geometry, which I absolutely suck at. Anything math related, makes me so frustrated, because I just don't get it sometimes. I still will end up practically acing it, though. I get so worked up over it, that I have been known to throw things across the room, and I once broke a calculator over my head, because I was so mad. Math is always right before lunch, too, so I am always hungry and with this stupid anemia crap it is even worse. After lunch, is my amazing Spanish class. It is probably my favorite, because there are three sometimes four of us. Dustin, is my best friends boyfriend, and hes been my buddy for two years; Anthony a.k.a. (Chubbs), had Spanish with me last year and we had some good times together; Sometimes Brianne will be there, and I have known her since I was little. Spanish is basically a goof off class, but I really love it! Then I have study hall with Mrs. Walsh, and every other day I am the only girl, which is cool with me. Then I have my terrifying speech class, which I am the only sophomore in a group of juniors and senior. That is pretty scary for me, but since I am not a terrible public speaker I think I will live.

Why do you ask, am I so positive right now? Well I have met an angel/my personal savior, Scott. He understands me, he makes me smile when I feel like crying, and he never lets me feel sorry for myself. The greatest thing to ever happen to me, was to accidentally run across him. I know, no matter how hard my day was, he will be there at night to let me vent out my feelings. This year, I know, is going to be hard, but with God's grace, and Scott's love I can make it. I also have decided if any drastic crisis does happen, I have what it takes to run away to him. North Carolina is really far away, but if I had to, I would go find him. He is worth it, and I would do anything to be with him, and to take away his pain. Even if i had to suffer, I would save him. He means more to me than anyone on earth, and right now he is doubling as Boyfriend and Best friend. I can really, and honestly can say that I love him more than anything else on earth...forever.

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