Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Day In The Life Of...

I am currently laying in bed, feeling as sick as a dog. My sinus are all plugged up, and my head feels like its about to explode into a thousand pieces. I have recently started to feel nauseated, and the glands in my neck are all swollen and it hurts to move my head. My best friend right now is my pillow and my box of kleenx's, both of which are right beside me. Lets just say its been a rough week. School hasn't gone that terrible bad, its just the fact that I am in school. My week started with a big fight with Scott, that I am totally to blame for. I was feeling in that desperate, jealous, pity-party kind of way. I saw he said some other girl was sweet, and I got jealous, and doubted his feelings for me. After he explained the whole thing, I felt like an idiot, and I spent the next two days apologizing non-stop, while he ignored me. I had a long conversation with my mother, and my best friend Harlie, and thanks to the two of them, we are back together. But I haven't talked to him much these last few day and its rather depressing.

Speaking of depressing, my day has been rather depressing. Not only the sickness part of it, but the parental part. The past few days I have been fighting them for everything under the sun. They think that they can run my life, and make all my decisions for me.  My dad wants me to work for him next summer, which may pay good, but it's very stressful work and its jut not what I want to do. He also wants me to buy a cow, to invest my money in. Well, maybe I want to do something else. Have you ever considered me in your stupid plans? Then, when I tell them that I am sick, they accuse me of being anorexic, and hypochondriac. For one second they can't stop and listen to me. I know my body, maybe not that well, but I know that I feel like crap. Honestly, I think there is something seriously wrong with me, but they won't believe me. They just say I am trying to get attention, and to get out of working. They say they care about me, so once in a while they have to do something nice, so I can't say they are always mean. Take today for instance, my mom let me use the dishwasher to wash dishes for a change. Oh wow, Mom, that is really making you out to be such a sweet, and caring mother. When I went to my Modern Woodmen Speech Contest, you happened to walk in late, and when I won all you had to say to me was "Are you ready to go home". There was no "Congratulations" or "Good Job" no, she didn't even smile at me. Yeah, well that's just another day in the life of a Teenage Romantic.

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