Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Sorry, But Your Age Is Way Out Of My Comfort Zone!!

Lately on Tagged, I have been attracting 20-year old guys. They are at least five years older than me, and they give me the creeps. I just want to shout "Hello, Dude, can't you foresee a possible problem here? I'm only FIFTEEN!!!!" The first guy at least quit talking to me after he found out I was a little young for him (he was 26). Then the next guy, who by the way has a hilarious name (Mooyo, no lie!! haha), he like fell in love with me. I was talking to him, like I would talk to anyone, and somehow I must have lead him on. He seemed interesting, because he used to live in Europe and he knew 4 different language. He also lived fairly close to me, in Des Moines, Iowa. Well, I soon found out this guy wasn't 16, and his name was definitely not Mike Armstrong. He was freaking 22 years old, and now he's obsessed with me. Can you say Creepy? He has sent me 3 tags, which are like animated  picture things, and the are kisses and roses. I try to be nice to the guy, but its like, come on seriously? Then he constantly wants me to come visit him. Well, I am a crappy driver, and there is no way in hell I am driving four and a half hours just to visit a 22 year old pedophile.

This morning has not been good. My brother has been sick all day and my dad has a major case of the Cranky Pants, which is a very serious condition if you dare to cross him. At 8:00 this morning some guy added me on Tagged. He was very cute, wait scratch that; he was totally gorgeous!! So naturally, I added him back and before long he sent me a message. He was different than most guys, he took me by surprise when he didn't start out flirting with me. He just wondered why I was up so early. Apparently, he had a dream that woke him up, which is really weird because I had one last night too. It was scary everything around me was on fire, and I could only run in slow motion.  Anyway, we chatted for a while, and he seemed to be pretty interesting. Then, here he tells me he is 20 years old. I am like "Wow, how does this keep happening?" I mean 20 isn't terrible, its 5 years older, but its old enough. I have a stinking suspicion that he just wants in my pants anyway. Well, another day, another creeper. Hopefully, I get better luck soon.

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