Monday, August 9, 2010

WARNING: Information Overload. a.k.a. (Massive Confusion Epidemic)

Let me just start out by stating the obvious; I am very, horribly, confused. When will I ever get over boys?? Currently I have four boys in my head. First one is Wil, he will forever be stuck inside my skull, because I can't get him out. He doesn't do distance relationships, so we are just friends for now. But, I can't help but notice, I have stronger feelings and more in common with him than any other guy. He is just too darn cute, and funny.

Second boy in my head is Scott. He told me he loved me twice yesterday and once today, not that I'm counting. But it doesn't mean that much coming from him, because he talks to so many girls. He has over two thousand girls on Tagged!! I was curious once so I looked on his friend list, and he has 13 Amanda's, 8 Amber's, and at least 4 Angela's. I am obviously not the first person he has said I love you to. I do care about him, a great deal, but I don't want to have to compete with all those other girls. I would rather just stay out of his mess of a life, but he's just too darn charming.

Then I keep falling back to Blake. He is the boy from the post "The Boy On Crutches Stopped To Help." He was the boy who helped me when everything fell out of my bag. I've known him going on four years and he has never hurt me, but he could never like me. Lately, every time I close my eyes I see him, and its scaring me, because I thought I had gotten over him. When I see him online my heart doesn't skip a beat like it does when Wil is online, it just tingles a little. I don't know what to think, but I better figure out quick, because school is almost here.

Now, there is a new guy. His name is Josh, hes 16 from Pennsylvania. I talked to him for a while and he seemed like a pretty decent guy. We ended up adding each other on Facebook, and chatting on there for a while. He asked me out, but I turned him down, because of the distance. But the thing that made me think about him was this; he stood up for me like no one has done before. It was an accidental thing, but it is kind of hilarious, to me anyway. I was telling him about my dad, and Mooyo (creepy 22 year old stalker, from previous post), in the same message. He asked me what he said, and I thought he was talking about my dad so I said that he called me stupid and worthless. He actually meant Mooyo, so he sent a nasty message to him. When he showed me the message, I cracked up and told him that my dad said that, not Mooyo. I told him how much I appreciated it either way and now (Thank God) Mooyo leaves me alone. I haven't talked to Josh since last night, but I know he isn't the ladies man that, I know Wil, and Scott are. He's just sweet, and he doesn't push me into anything.

Hopefully, I can clear my head so I can choose who I should really be with. My thoughts are so wild there is no way I can catch them from bouncing around in my cranium, if anyone has advice, it would be nice to receive some instead of dishing it out all the time. That's All Folks.

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