Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Do I Choose? I Think I Know Now.

Well, an update on the love life: Single. Confusion, pretty much explains the last few days, but now I think I have finally made up my mind what I want. An update on the four main guys, Wil is in love with another girl, but her parents won't let them date because he is a senior. Blake has his girlfriend, of a couple years now. Scott is wanted by hundreds of girls across the country. Josh is a sweet guy, he sang for me on the phone, and he stood up for me. He accepts all the dorkiness about me, and likes to joke around.He told his family about me, and the other night he said that he loved me. From all of this you can about imagine who I would choose. Josh seems to be the obvious answer. Well, there is a part of this puzzle that is missing.

This morning, I was talking to Scott, and he let me in on a piece of his past that I honestly don't think any girl has ever known. He is alone in life, his parents left him with his uncle two years ago. If it were not for him, he would have been left in a foster home. As I have said before he had to go to the hospital, because of his tumor and girls have broken his heart too many times. I felt so bad for complaining about my life, when his was so much worse. The past couple of days, I thought about Josh, and how great I thought he was. Then, today after talking with my best friend on the phone, I finally got my life into perspective, and I know now that Josh and I could never work. There are things about him that just don't agree with me. It feels like I am forcing feelings with him, that just aren't there. He may be a friend, but that is all, I can't date him. Scott keeps coming back into my head, and despite the competition he seems to be the only one I want to talk to. Right now I am expecting a call from Josh, but I really would rather talk to Scott more than anyone else. I know that sounds bad, but I can't help my feelings for the poor, lonely boy inside of him. Wil was just a friend,  Blake was a fairy tale, and Josh was a distraction,  but Scott has always been the one.

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