Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Will Boys Ever Learn?

I met this guy on the internet a few weeks back. I know, I am always meeting some guy, and he is always better than the last guy.Usually they never go anywhere, but I sense this guy is different. I know we would never work, because he lives across the country from me, but he is a really sweet guy. The thing with Scott, is that he has had his heart broken a few too many times, and it is all because of the same girl.

He has dated the same girl three times in a row. The first time she cheated on him, and the second time she accused him of cheating on her. Well, they have recently broken up again, although I'm not sure why. When I met him, he was breaking up with her the second time. He was going into the hospital to get a tumor removed, that the doctors thought might have been cancer. He was going through a lot of pressure, and that is when she left him. I couldn't help but feel for him. He was all alone in a hospital bed, lonely and scared. He said he just wanted someone to be with him to help him through. I was all he had then, and I prayed for him that night.

The next morning I got a message from him saying that that he was alright, and the tumor wasn't cancerous. I noticed later, his ex wrote on his Tagged profile, saying she was sorry and she wanted to make it up to him. Well, in a few days they were back together, and I left them be. I told him I would always be there for him, and be a friend. I hadn't talked  to him in a week or two, until last night. I noticed his status and I thought he was hurting again, apparently I was right. This morning he is single again, and I hope its the last time he goes after her. I told him last time not to do anything he would regret, and not to get hurt again. After three times, will he ever learn? I hope so for both our sakes, because I hate seeing him hurt. I have a soft spot for sweet guys like him, and seeing him so upset makes me sad. Will the boy ever learn his lesson? Heaven help him.

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