Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Don't Think I Could Write A Blog Without Bringing Him Up At Some Point

What a day for friendship. Today started good, slowly sank to bad, then worse, then better and here I am now. No emotions, just simply reflecting on the day. I woke up and talked to Scott, that made my day start well. Then I had lectures this morning.The afternoon was a mix of sadness and tears then later came the laughter. I'm upset that one of my good friends is moving to Lincoln, and I will hardly ever see her again. Dustin, her boyfriend and my friend as well, is dating her and moving in with her. So, he's leaving too and it's kind of hard for me to let them go. I was crying a bit over that, and frustrated with this morning's lecture. Then the afternoon I spent laughing with my insane family.

All in all the day wasn't so bad. I have just spent a half an hour talking to one of my online friends, Summer, and trying to help her get over a boy she's been talking to for 6 months. I know how she feels in the way that I used to care about Blake. Although, I have put my past behind me and moved on since then, I know what shes going through. I have only been talking to Scott for four months, but I know I love him, that much is clear. The more I talk to him, the more I am convinced that he was meant for me. Just simple little things in life and we seem to have everything in common. There are a few things he doesn't like to talk about, and I understand. The boy has been through hell, I can at least give him a break. I think he just needed someone to care about him, and that is where I came in.

Tonight he is off helping his friend, Ashley. Apparently she was upset about something and he left a few hours ago. I assume he will either be on shortly, or not for a long time. I pretty much have him memorized. On a school day I usually talk to him from about 6:20 to about 6:40. Then we go to school and sometimes he gets on about 2:00. When I get home he is sometimes at a friends house and he talks on his ipod. from 4 to about 5 something. Then he eats supper, take a shower, sometimes does homework and gets back on about 8 or 9. then we stay up until 10 or 11. Weekends are a little different, we both talk whenever we have free time, and send messages when the other is offline. It is comfortable, reassuring and secure. Every once in a while he says those things that make you blush, or that make your heart squeeze in your chest and all you want to say is "Awwwwwwwww!!" I will always love him for that. But the reasons I love him, that would be a whole new blog, because I could spend forever talking about that. Maybe, I'll save that project for another day. But be assured of this: I love that boy with all of my heart above all else, and I could easily see myself married to him one day. I really could. I don't really think I can write a blog anymore without talking about Scott.