Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Piece...Advice, Please?

I started playing around with a new idea, and wanted my fellow bloggers to tell me how they like it. It is a piece where a writer gets "stuck" inside one of her own characters (although at first she doesn't realize it). The story is all about looking at writing from the inside out, from the character's view. The author, fashioned after myself, will learn to make her stories real and her character's believable. Anyway, here is a sneak peek of it.

I opened my eyes and looked around but I wasn’t greeted by the blue familiar walls I was used to. Instead the walls were pink and my alarm clock was beeping in an odd tone I had never heard before. I felt my body being lifted from the bed, but there was no one else in the room, no hands supported me. I panicked. My feet touched the floor and my arm reached out and slapped the alarm, silencing it. How was my body moving without me moving it?
I got to my feet and walked toward a full length mirror that I swear hadn’t been there the day before. The whole room was different, yet familiar, like I had been there once before. When I glanced at myself in the mirror I soon discovered that I wasn’t me. Gone was my long brown hair and grey-blue eyes; in its place was shoulder length blonde curls and piercing green eyes. I was dressed in red flannel pajama pants and a T-shirt for a Sweetwater High School Basketball team I had never heard of. I tried to scream but my mouth didn’t move but to grimace at my bed head. My hands reached up to tug on the short strands of hair but it was kind of a lost cause.
By this time, I had a few things figured out. One, I was inside a body that was so obviously not mine; in a life that wasn’t mine. I couldn’t move, talk, or probably eat, but I could feel everything she felt and think on my own. I fell asleep as me and woke up stuck in this Unknown Person I Am Trapped Inside (UPIATI). I had to find a way out of here and back to my normal life, but how?
Upiati (what I decided to call the girl) was brushing out her hair with a pink handled brush. Whatever it was about this girl, she apparently loved the color pink. It was everywhere in the bedroom, the walls, the bedspread, the pillows. There was even a pink desk and beaded lamp in one corner with a rolling pink computer chair. The laptop was pink, the cell phone was pink. My God, I hadn’t seen this much pink since before I was born.
The girl dressed herself in a low-cut Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, with Wallflower jeans and Uggs. Gag me. She had fashion sense, while I wore Wal-Mart brands like Faded Glory and Op. I let out a deep mental sigh; this was going to be one painful experience. Upiati was now applying make-up to her eyes. I must admit she was a natural beauty; I hoped she wouldn’t cover it up with that God-awful stuff.
Apparently she was one of those blushing, confident “I’m beautiful and I know it” type of girls. She wore just enough mascara and eye liner to accent her natural features and with a touch of gloss to her full lips and she was done. She smacked her lips a few time, mushing the sticky stuff together, before turning on her heel and heading out of the room.
Upiati stepped into the bathroom; it was blue like my own bedroom at home, and the change in color was quite refreshing. The d├ęcor was ocean-like and it lifted my spirits dramatically. There were sea shells on the soap dispenser, the shower curtain and even in the accessory rack. The rugs were sand colored and the walls were a soft blue. The framed pictures hanging above the towel bar were of beaches and crashing waves.
Upiati was brushing her teeth with a pink toothbrush (go figure), which didn’t make sense because she had: A. just applied lip-gloss that was now coming off on her brush and, B. hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet. Apparently my “human vehicle” wasn’t too keen on common sense.
I kept calling this girl Upiati in my head, but with her sophisticated, pampered ways, she probably had a name like Lacy Jo, or Jasmine. Heck, maybe I should call her Marie Antoinette, but she probably wouldn’t know who that was.
Upiati fluffed her hair with mousse (glorified hair gel for girls), and slipped on her Aero hoodie. She reminded me of a girl I had gone to high school with.  Despite my cynicism I knew this girl, somehow, she was familiar. I just needed some clue to spark my memory. Suddenly a voice shattered my thoughts.
“What?” Upiati screamed back in a voice that wasn’t my own either.
“Time to go, Cloe!” the voice returned.
Upiati, or Cloe rather, grumbled at her reflection in the mirror as she ran her fingers through her bangs. I mentally chuckled. She was just like me in that respect, complaining when mom calls.
                Finally, she finished primping and preening and we were bounding down the curved wood stairs. They were so incredibly fancy that there was a landing halfway down with a window seat. Waiting at the bottom was a slender woman, probably in her late thirties standing by the prettiest hardwood door I had ever seen. It had the beautiful glass designs in it, with the side lights on either side of it.
                The woman was glancing at her wrist watch when we reached her. She was dressed in a white business suit that had to be Gucci or Prada. When she glanced up I could see the striking resemblance between her and Cloe. The same clear white skin and high cheek bones accented their heart-shaped faces and the same bright green lit up their eyes.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sneak Peek at my next novel "Flipped"

Remember that favorite childhood fairytale of the mythical land of Camelot? Well, my friend, that story is about to change forever. My newest novel idea is called Flipped, and you lucky devils will get the first sneak peek.

Gwen La'Vere was a shy girl from Kansas who was far from home in a Boston boarding school called Cameliard's School for the Artistically Talented. She made two friends, Lacy Carter and Isabella Baldwin. Now in her junior year she has the chance of a lifetime --a two week, all expense paid trip to England for the Youth International Leadership Conference. Bet of all, you two best friends will be joining her.

Arriving in England, the girls settle in and prepare for their fist sessions. As part of their conference the girls are given a tour of the ancient Basingstoke Castle. While there, Gwen gets separated from her friends and winds up lost inside.

After several wrong turns trying to find her group, she walks into an old bedchamber and knocks over a suit of armor. Tor her horror, it moved! It was a knight awoke after sleeping for 900 years.

After he identifies himself as Lancelot du Lac, the famous knight of the Round Table, he mistakes her for Queen Guinevere. Somehow he convinces her that he is telling the truth.

She faces two big problems: catching her ancient friend up to the modern world and finding a way to send him back to his realm as well as devising some story to explain his presence to her friends.

Along the way several other Camelot characters emerge, some helpful, some not. While dodging a jealousy-crazed Medieval king wielding a supernatural sword and a wicked magician, Gwen finds herself falling for her handsome knight. Eventually with the help of King Arthur's "evil" half sister Morgan Lefay, the two will uncover the corruption of Camelot that had been hidden for centuries.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Infamous Angie-Girl Returns.

Hey, long time, no post. Shame on me. I really neglected this bad boy, when school started. I apologize. I will make it my priority to blog at least once a week. So since August (has it really been that long since I posted?) I have made a life decision. . .well, at least I think I have. I really think I want to become a novelist for a living.

I finished up my novel "Life Without Me" and although it never got published (the company was a fraud), writing it really changed my life. My English teacher is reading it right now and so far she loves it, she thinks that with a little editing, that it would be publishable. She says it reads like an everyday, contemporary, teenage book. As soon as she finishes up, which shouldn't be more than a couple of days, she is going to help me look into a legitimate company that will publish it.

So, you may be wondering what I am writing these days. Well there are a number of things keeping me busy, besides school homework. My Writing Class, keeps my creative juices flowing and also I have articles I write for the paper that are due every three weeks. The first article was about whether or not it is worth it to take hard classes in high school, the one that just came out this past week was about getting teens involved in community service. On November 8th, my next one will be published and the topic for that one is fear, in which I discussed the one main fear that seems to motivate everyone these days: the fear of looking bad. Last night my editor emailed me my latest assignment. I am to write an article on Black Friday, the good aspects or the bad ones. Any of you from around Norfolk, Nebraska that get the Norfolk Daily News, you can look for my articles every three weeks on the 20 Below Page.

But despite these current writing obligations, I have a few new endeavors. There are several pieces I want to work on. The first is one I started a while ago and I really want to keep working on it. It is one I have probably mentioned before, The 35 Reasons Why I Hate Andrew McClairin.  Another one I want to work in is the sequel to Life Without Me, and I call it Life Without You: The Pinky Promise. However, the two I have been spending the most time on the last few days are Flashbacks of Emma, a historical mystery about the death of a young women, set in my home county about a hundred years ago (For my Creative Writing Class). The other is a memoir of my life, called Letters to Rosie. Stay tuned to my next blog where I will be going into further detail on that one. And so the infamous Angie-Girl returns, oh and Happy Mol Day, one day late for all you Chem freaks(:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wrapping Up The Novel

Well tomorrow is the Big Day, my due date. When I first started writing this book about ten weeks ago I set the deadline as to when I wanted to be done. August 13 (which has a very special personal meaning to me) is when I wanted to have everything roughly written down. I have about 2-3 Chapters left to finish up today and then maybe some editing tomorrow for the final project. Once it is finished I will be sending it to a publisher from JustFiction! Edition. Hopefully my manuscript with be able to be sold as an ebook. As soon as I find out whether or not it is publishable I will let you all know.
I am so grateful for all the advice and critiques I have gotten so far. I love getting feedback on my work. It is great encouragement to know that people out there enjoy my writing and appropriate things from it. I love all my figment followers! If you would like to look at my work the links are on the "Project Links" page or just go to your account and search me up.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Newest of the New Book Updates!

Hey there bloggers!
Long time, no post eh? Well I apologize for that. I just wanted to throw a quick update your way while I wait for my water to boil (we are making sweet corn roasting ears tonight, Mmm Mmm Good!). So I have a publisher possibly interested in my book Life Without Me! I am so excited to hear back from her. I have a few more chapters to go until I am finished with it! Ok so for a quick update from!

Chapters: 16
Words: 20,283
Reading Time: approximately 2 hours
Hearts: 46
Comments: 30
Reviews: 7
Reactions: 29
  -Wow: 15
  -Blush: 1
  -Shiver: 3
  -Cry: 10

So far it is going so well, I have most of the rest planned out and an epilogue wrote up. Once this gets done I will have a few more projects I want to work on and a possible Sequel called "The Pinky Promise". If you dont mind looking me up on figment, the name is Angela Richart, or just search for Life Without Me! Thanks and have a wonderful night.

p.s. You have just wasted 5 minutes of your life reading my pointless blog. THANKS!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Update

Just a quick update on the book. Last night I got my first official critique on inkpop, which was a pleasant surprise seeing as that I haven't updated it yet. I still can't figure out the new inkpop so I am letting it slide for now. So as far as Figment goes, my book is doing very well. Yesterday it was featured on the homepage as a Handpicked Fig. These are the current stats on my book.

Hearts: 10
Comments: 5
Reactions: 1 -Wow.
Reviews: 0

It seems to be getting more attention on than inkpop so thats where it will be from now on. Oh and I also wrote another piece for a contest called Fireflies. So when I get all the results back I will post them here. So if anyone has some free time stop by my figment and start reading. Thanks so much for your time!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Writing Contests Galore!!

I really got away from writing the last few weeks. But I did eventually get settled back in by submitting work into two different writing contests. One was a fable writing contest for which I submitted a piece called The Sanswan Flower. That was written up in a day, I have made a few slight changes with it, but I am going with my gut feeling on this one. The contest ends tomorrow on I will post up a new page tonight with links to all my new updated projects.

There was also a poetry contest that I entered the same day. I found a really old poem I had written that had originally written as song lyrics and revised them into a 10-line rhyming poem about a woman who was grieving over her husbands death. I wont know for a while on that one, the results will be mailed to me. Once I find out how I did on them, I will post it here.

The new inkpop came up, and now I have no idea how to use it. I get so lost, its not even funny. The new site is totally different. I figured out how to post a new project, but I dont know how to add my separate chapters. For some reason it starts over after Chapter 6, and I cant seem to find where to delete the repeated chapters. I dont know, its just confusing, so I added it to, so it was still published and out there. I also did new covers for it, and the Sanswan Flower.

I have also been working on another poll on Tagged and Facebook. So far I have gotten maybe 12 responses which is not that great. The last question I posted was: Answer this age-old question in the most creative way possible-What came first the chicken or the egg? I had a lot of creative and funny answers. The winners were Alexander Mydnight, Tj White, and Jayson Curtis.

This time the questions was: What is the craziest, funniest thing that has ever happened to you. I was hoping that this would spark a lot of the not-so-creative people into telling some of their crazy stories. So far I havent received anything laugh out loud-able. Well other than my best friends account of running around the classroom screaming "I'm Superwoman!!", but you know, I could actually see her doing that. Anyway, if anyone would like to share a funny story, drop a comment down below, and I will add the new links to my work in the pages. Goodnight all!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Book Is Finally Up!!

Well, its a beautiful day here in Nebraska. Unfortunately, I will not be writing today. I have a family reunion to go to, which as a typical teenager, is not my most favorite thing to do. I will be gone from about 11:00 to about 5 or 6 tonight. But for any of you blog stalkers that are interested. My book is finally up!!Here is the link to my book, if you would like to read it.

Current Book Stats
Watch Lists- 4
Pick Lists--10  (was up to 12 last night)
Chapters--5  (currently working on 6)

I am so, so excited about it. This is my first book to ever submit to inkpop, and I would really appreciate all the support and publicity I can get. This book means everything to me, it is my baby. So any inkpoppers flipping through blogs, go read my book and tell me what you think, please. I appreciate it so much!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writing Roadblocks and My Latest Cover

Hey guys, it has been a few days since I last posted, so here is an update on the book. The last count on words was 6,039. I'm closing in on the big  10,000, however there are a few roadblocks in the way.

Roadblock #1: Over the weekend we had company, so we had to clean and I got busy with things and the book writing came to a halt. I haven't written much for a couple of days. Blame it on my wicked older brother Matt. He just loves to torture me. According to him I should be building bridges or rebuilding car engines or something "worthwhile". My family knows to some extent that I write, but they don't know the half of it. When they ask what I want to go into my immediate response is "Journalism and Advertising". While, Journalism is doable and I really like Advertising, I really love just writing like there's no tomorrow.

Roadblock #2: Yesterday my mother told me to do the dishes. So, like the obedient child that I am (yeah right) I went out and started doing them. Well, that didn't last too long. I was putting a glass glass in the dish drainer, and it slipped out of my hand and shattered in the sink, slicing my finger in the process. Mom, came running in, and my finger was dripping blood everywhere. At first, I didn't feel a thing, and that too, didn't last long. The cut isn't too deep, but it made it hard to type for a while. It's better today and I don't really feel it, well except for when I go to use it. Then I remember pretty quick that it's there. It is usually followed by a "Ow, Son of a --"

Roadblock #3: Inkpop will not let me post my book on the site. I cannot seem to get past step one of the Submission process. I have tried with different pieces of my work, and poems that are already on the site, but nothing works.  All it does is reload the page and all of my stuff is gone. So, if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I have tried cleaning up my computer to make it run faster, but I think something is wrong with the actual inkpop website. All I know is that it is really frustrating me.

Roadblock # 4: I've just been busy in general. While most kids this time of year are out at sports camps, going to the pool and at roller coaster parks, I'm sitting here in my room typing away. I'm not exactly your typical, ordinary, run-of-the-mill type of girl, but I need to get out once in a while. Now that some of the rainier weather is behind us, there's no reason not to get out in the afternoons and have some fun. But, honestly, I really don't have much to do. I need a dog, so I have an excuse to get out every once in a while, because sometimes writing for hours on end fries your brain.

Well, the one thing I have gotten done is the cover for the book. I may do a new one sometime, it depends how well it fits on inkpop. So, tell me all what you think.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding a Good Cover

Well another rainy day. Dang, I think the clouds assume this is Washington State not Nebraska. Unfortunately I didn't get any writing done today, just kind of moped around the house, and eventually got out and delivered my papers. Yes, I got soaked. No, I was not happy about that. Somedays life smiles down on you, other days it laughs at you, but its always worth living for.

Lately, I have been working on the cover of my new book. I searched through my picture files, looking for the best picture to edit. Then when I found nothing, I started snapping pictures of things around my room. I even set up mini photo shoots, arranging rocks and seashells, it didnt end up working. I actually finally got the perfect shot, of my art collage. I will post the final cover on my blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Pen Is Stronger Than The Sword

Don't you just love the new layout and design of my blog? I even added pages and everything!! Whoo! Since It's rainy outside and I pretty much have nothing better to do, I fell asleep on the floor, several times this morning. Then I woke up and started writing and messing with my blog and such.

I am on Chapter 3 of Life Without Me, and I know, I know, thats not very far, but compared to my usual attempts at book writing, its pretty good. Its only been about a week and I already have over 3,500 words. In order to showcase it on Inkpop it has to be 10,000 so I have my work cut out for me. I have it all planned out, and organized so I know exactly what to do. Thanks to my wonderful English teacher Mrs. Shoe, I have really started getting my focus and haven't lost interest yet.

This book is different then all my others. Fallen Angel and She Dances Alone, never got very far, because I couldn't relate to them. They were about adults, and I am not an adult I can't write about experiences I have never had. Life Without Me, is something I relate to and know very well. The girls have gone through things that I have. I have used my failures and accomplishments to give life to them. It isn't a sappy love story either, it is so much more. It's about sacrifice, family, friends, and giving up everything for those you love. I hope to finish it by the end of the summer. I will keep you all updated how it's going and let you know when it will be done. Hope you all enjoy it!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sneek Peek of My Latest Book

I have been so busy the last few months with school functions and homework that my blog has been sadly neglected. Sorry for keeping you all waiting. I guess it's true that the human mind is truly never satisfied. This is my 5th new blog, lets see how long this one lasts. So far this is the lists of my blogs from the beginning.

1. My Very Incredibly Unique Life
2. Girl of a Thousand Heartaches
3. Adventures of a Teenage Romantic
4. Dear God
5. Life Without Me

It is dedicated to the latest book I am working on. Life Without Me, is a heartwarming tearjerker about finding yourself and being truly selfless. Ashley O'Neal is your typical teenage girl, with a dark past. She is an ex-cutter that had a suicidal episode in her Junior High years. Now she has grown up, met new friends and she thinks that part of her is gone. However, she failed at burying her past, and after an unfortunate incident she falls back, she makes a wish that life would just go on without her. Ashley tries to run away from home one rainy night, but ends up crashing her car over a bridge. She is pronounced dead on the scene, but what no one else realizes, Ashley is still around. She was given a chance to see what life would be like without her.

Ashely now spends her days wandering around her small town, following her old friends to school, and walking past her own grave. She realizes that she was given a mission to help everyone, and by dying she has let them down. She begins to help all those around her to get over their grief and get on with their lives, even if it means saving her crush's life and getting him to fall in love with her best friend. Ashley has the hardest decision, to leave everyone she loves behind, or go back in time before her accident and start over. Only the author knows the ending. Muahaha(:

Well, I have lots of writing to do, as soon as I have the 10,000 word minimum to showcase it. I will post the link to it on here, so you all can go read it. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The good lord giveth and the good lord taketh away.

Dear God,
I lost a really good friend last Thursday. Mike was like a grandfather to everyone. He will be missed so much. The funeral is tomorrow and I am still sad. Please give me the strength to make it through the next few days, and the courage to face everyone. I just don't know. Please watch over Mike's family. I have known them all for years, they are good people that I am sure are grief-stricken. Help my friend, She hurts so deeply when anyone passes away. She needs a guiding hand to help her through these troubles. Somedays she is all I have.I have been worried about School, and this person that I love so much. Who am I kidding? I am in love with my ex still, I worry about him I don't know what to do. Help me to find a constructive way to demonstrate my feelings without taking things too far. I need you to tell me the words to tell Scott. How to comfort him, how to help him heal.  Things get too hard at school lately, and I dont want to be there anymore. This poem reflects how I feel at school and the things I have been through there.

I Swear…

One word
Spat distastefully from someone’s mouth
Like projectile vomit.
It is hissed again in my ear
Echoing, stinging, I can feel it.
It burns a hole.
I sit numb, staring into the window;
Staring into space.
Ignoring the occasional flick to the back of my head
I grip the cords of my MP3 player.
Adjusting  the buds in my ears
The music blasts through my head
Like a cold gust of wind.
I can’t avoid them
The words are thrown at me like darts.
I pick up what’s left of my dignity
Polish it on the sleeve of my T-shirt.
Heat spreads across my face
Anger coursing through my veins
I walk away
Try to be the bigger person.
It does no good.
They come after me, an angry swarm of bees.
Insults hurled at me
Whispered ridicules as I pass in the hallway
Curious stares, hate drenched glares.
There is no escaping them
I want to melt into a puddle
So they can’t hurt me anymore
I wish I was invisible
A shadow on the wall
But that’s impossible
I want to curl up in the fetal position
But that would be letting them get the best of me
Instead I stand straight
Comfort comes from somewhere above
A loving hand guides me through the crowd
I will not cry; I have hope.
My faith will make me strong
They won’t bring me down today
I swear.

I know I am just one person down here on earth, but please dont forget about me.
Show me the way to your kingdom, so I can help others find the path as well.Love,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Miracles Do Happen

Dear God,
I have so much to be thankful for today. After a long night, a lot of tears and prayers and with your strength I got through to a boy who was hell bent on suicide. I got him to realize, maybe only temporarily, that life is indeed worth living. As soon as he warms back up to me, I will show him your light. I have been given a second chance and I will not screw up this time. I will be the person you called me to be. I will not let the ways of the world lead me astray, I wont fall to the pride again. I will rise above and show Satan that he has no more power over me.

"So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death were is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
1 Corinthians 15:54-57

Thank you for blessing me with as second chance to make things right again, and teach me to witness to him. Teach me the right way to love, and Help me to move forward on your path to heaven. In Jesus name,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to my Newest Blog!!

Well for all of you followers, I have changed my blog again. Now I am committing my blog to God. Every new post will start out Dear God, and will be in the form of a prayer. Hopefully I will renew my faith in Jesus and bring others to Christ through this blog. If anyone out there needs help, advice or are seeking a friend. Leave a comment or message me, and I will be happy to visit with anyone. I also have another friend on here that has a very inspirational message to share with you. Sometime I will figure out a way to put her link on the side bar, so you can view her blog and hear her story. Hopefully we can help bring some people to Christ and motivate you to live your life for the Lord. If anyone has questions, again, feel free to message me.
I love you all

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome 2011!!

My first post of the new year. Sorry I have been neglecting my blog a lot recently. I have been over the holidays and with school. I have been procrastinating far too long. So here I am, nearly midnight writing an entry to keep the guilt off my back. I have started taking this new Creative Writing course in my high school, and I absolutely love it. We have a lot of fun in there, even though there are only two of us. Hopefully, you will be able to see any improvements to my writing as I progress through the class. We are given several journaling assignments a week and they really make you stop and think. I have really enjoyed working with them.

As for my Christmas vacation goes, it was pretty much boring. I did get new furry boots that I wear to school all the time. They keep my legs from freezing off in the wind and snow. Ahh gotta love that Nebraska weather huh? My family and I have been sick off and on throughout the holidays. And I have just recently gotten over a lousy cold I've been dealing with for about a week. Scott has also fallen ill, although a lot worse than any of us were. He is down with pneumonia for the second time. He was getting so bad he had to take several visits to the hospital. He couldn't keep anything down, and was getting very dehydrated. Last I heard from him, he was doing somewhat better but I don't think hes back in school yet. To be honest we've hardly talked in two weeks. I have gotten a handful of messages from him, but not an actual conversation for at least a week. It's tough, but I guess I'll be ok, I always am. Well its officially tomorrow (12:00 am) so I better go to bed.