Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to my Newest Blog!!

Well for all of you followers, I have changed my blog again. Now I am committing my blog to God. Every new post will start out Dear God, and will be in the form of a prayer. Hopefully I will renew my faith in Jesus and bring others to Christ through this blog. If anyone out there needs help, advice or are seeking a friend. Leave a comment or message me, and I will be happy to visit with anyone. I also have another friend on here that has a very inspirational message to share with you. Sometime I will figure out a way to put her link on the side bar, so you can view her blog and hear her story. Hopefully we can help bring some people to Christ and motivate you to live your life for the Lord. If anyone has questions, again, feel free to message me.
I love you all

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