Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sneek Peek of My Latest Book

I have been so busy the last few months with school functions and homework that my blog has been sadly neglected. Sorry for keeping you all waiting. I guess it's true that the human mind is truly never satisfied. This is my 5th new blog, lets see how long this one lasts. So far this is the lists of my blogs from the beginning.

1. My Very Incredibly Unique Life
2. Girl of a Thousand Heartaches
3. Adventures of a Teenage Romantic
4. Dear God
5. Life Without Me

It is dedicated to the latest book I am working on. Life Without Me, is a heartwarming tearjerker about finding yourself and being truly selfless. Ashley O'Neal is your typical teenage girl, with a dark past. She is an ex-cutter that had a suicidal episode in her Junior High years. Now she has grown up, met new friends and she thinks that part of her is gone. However, she failed at burying her past, and after an unfortunate incident she falls back, she makes a wish that life would just go on without her. Ashley tries to run away from home one rainy night, but ends up crashing her car over a bridge. She is pronounced dead on the scene, but what no one else realizes, Ashley is still around. She was given a chance to see what life would be like without her.

Ashely now spends her days wandering around her small town, following her old friends to school, and walking past her own grave. She realizes that she was given a mission to help everyone, and by dying she has let them down. She begins to help all those around her to get over their grief and get on with their lives, even if it means saving her crush's life and getting him to fall in love with her best friend. Ashley has the hardest decision, to leave everyone she loves behind, or go back in time before her accident and start over. Only the author knows the ending. Muahaha(:

Well, I have lots of writing to do, as soon as I have the 10,000 word minimum to showcase it. I will post the link to it on here, so you all can go read it. Wish me luck.

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