Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Book Is Finally Up!!

Well, its a beautiful day here in Nebraska. Unfortunately, I will not be writing today. I have a family reunion to go to, which as a typical teenager, is not my most favorite thing to do. I will be gone from about 11:00 to about 5 or 6 tonight. But for any of you blog stalkers that are interested. My book is finally up!!Here is the link to my book, if you would like to read it.

Current Book Stats
Watch Lists- 4
Pick Lists--10  (was up to 12 last night)
Chapters--5  (currently working on 6)

I am so, so excited about it. This is my first book to ever submit to inkpop, and I would really appreciate all the support and publicity I can get. This book means everything to me, it is my baby. So any inkpoppers flipping through blogs, go read my book and tell me what you think, please. I appreciate it so much!!

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