Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Update

Just a quick update on the book. Last night I got my first official critique on inkpop, which was a pleasant surprise seeing as that I haven't updated it yet. I still can't figure out the new inkpop so I am letting it slide for now. So as far as Figment goes, my book is doing very well. Yesterday it was featured on the homepage as a Handpicked Fig. These are the current stats on my book.

Hearts: 10
Comments: 5
Reactions: 1 -Wow.
Reviews: 0

It seems to be getting more attention on figment.com than inkpop so thats where it will be from now on. Oh and I also wrote another piece for a contest called Fireflies. So when I get all the results back I will post them here. So if anyone has some free time stop by my figment and start reading. Thanks so much for your time!!

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