Saturday, June 18, 2011

Writing Contests Galore!!

I really got away from writing the last few weeks. But I did eventually get settled back in by submitting work into two different writing contests. One was a fable writing contest for which I submitted a piece called The Sanswan Flower. That was written up in a day, I have made a few slight changes with it, but I am going with my gut feeling on this one. The contest ends tomorrow on I will post up a new page tonight with links to all my new updated projects.

There was also a poetry contest that I entered the same day. I found a really old poem I had written that had originally written as song lyrics and revised them into a 10-line rhyming poem about a woman who was grieving over her husbands death. I wont know for a while on that one, the results will be mailed to me. Once I find out how I did on them, I will post it here.

The new inkpop came up, and now I have no idea how to use it. I get so lost, its not even funny. The new site is totally different. I figured out how to post a new project, but I dont know how to add my separate chapters. For some reason it starts over after Chapter 6, and I cant seem to find where to delete the repeated chapters. I dont know, its just confusing, so I added it to, so it was still published and out there. I also did new covers for it, and the Sanswan Flower.

I have also been working on another poll on Tagged and Facebook. So far I have gotten maybe 12 responses which is not that great. The last question I posted was: Answer this age-old question in the most creative way possible-What came first the chicken or the egg? I had a lot of creative and funny answers. The winners were Alexander Mydnight, Tj White, and Jayson Curtis.

This time the questions was: What is the craziest, funniest thing that has ever happened to you. I was hoping that this would spark a lot of the not-so-creative people into telling some of their crazy stories. So far I havent received anything laugh out loud-able. Well other than my best friends account of running around the classroom screaming "I'm Superwoman!!", but you know, I could actually see her doing that. Anyway, if anyone would like to share a funny story, drop a comment down below, and I will add the new links to my work in the pages. Goodnight all!!

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