Monday, October 24, 2011

The Infamous Angie-Girl Returns.

Hey, long time, no post. Shame on me. I really neglected this bad boy, when school started. I apologize. I will make it my priority to blog at least once a week. So since August (has it really been that long since I posted?) I have made a life decision. . .well, at least I think I have. I really think I want to become a novelist for a living.

I finished up my novel "Life Without Me" and although it never got published (the company was a fraud), writing it really changed my life. My English teacher is reading it right now and so far she loves it, she thinks that with a little editing, that it would be publishable. She says it reads like an everyday, contemporary, teenage book. As soon as she finishes up, which shouldn't be more than a couple of days, she is going to help me look into a legitimate company that will publish it.

So, you may be wondering what I am writing these days. Well there are a number of things keeping me busy, besides school homework. My Writing Class, keeps my creative juices flowing and also I have articles I write for the paper that are due every three weeks. The first article was about whether or not it is worth it to take hard classes in high school, the one that just came out this past week was about getting teens involved in community service. On November 8th, my next one will be published and the topic for that one is fear, in which I discussed the one main fear that seems to motivate everyone these days: the fear of looking bad. Last night my editor emailed me my latest assignment. I am to write an article on Black Friday, the good aspects or the bad ones. Any of you from around Norfolk, Nebraska that get the Norfolk Daily News, you can look for my articles every three weeks on the 20 Below Page.

But despite these current writing obligations, I have a few new endeavors. There are several pieces I want to work on. The first is one I started a while ago and I really want to keep working on it. It is one I have probably mentioned before, The 35 Reasons Why I Hate Andrew McClairin.  Another one I want to work in is the sequel to Life Without Me, and I call it Life Without You: The Pinky Promise. However, the two I have been spending the most time on the last few days are Flashbacks of Emma, a historical mystery about the death of a young women, set in my home county about a hundred years ago (For my Creative Writing Class). The other is a memoir of my life, called Letters to Rosie. Stay tuned to my next blog where I will be going into further detail on that one. And so the infamous Angie-Girl returns, oh and Happy Mol Day, one day late for all you Chem freaks(: