Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sneak Peek at my next novel "Flipped"

Remember that favorite childhood fairytale of the mythical land of Camelot? Well, my friend, that story is about to change forever. My newest novel idea is called Flipped, and you lucky devils will get the first sneak peek.

Gwen La'Vere was a shy girl from Kansas who was far from home in a Boston boarding school called Cameliard's School for the Artistically Talented. She made two friends, Lacy Carter and Isabella Baldwin. Now in her junior year she has the chance of a lifetime --a two week, all expense paid trip to England for the Youth International Leadership Conference. Bet of all, you two best friends will be joining her.

Arriving in England, the girls settle in and prepare for their fist sessions. As part of their conference the girls are given a tour of the ancient Basingstoke Castle. While there, Gwen gets separated from her friends and winds up lost inside.

After several wrong turns trying to find her group, she walks into an old bedchamber and knocks over a suit of armor. Tor her horror, it moved! It was a knight awoke after sleeping for 900 years.

After he identifies himself as Lancelot du Lac, the famous knight of the Round Table, he mistakes her for Queen Guinevere. Somehow he convinces her that he is telling the truth.

She faces two big problems: catching her ancient friend up to the modern world and finding a way to send him back to his realm as well as devising some story to explain his presence to her friends.

Along the way several other Camelot characters emerge, some helpful, some not. While dodging a jealousy-crazed Medieval king wielding a supernatural sword and a wicked magician, Gwen finds herself falling for her handsome knight. Eventually with the help of King Arthur's "evil" half sister Morgan Lefay, the two will uncover the corruption of Camelot that had been hidden for centuries.

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