Monday, April 9, 2012


We have all been rejected in one way or another.  I believe we grow stronger with each and every one. I have been rejected more than you know. Anyone who knows me personally or has ever followed my blog much knows that I had an online boyfriend a long time ago. After finding out that his pictures were fake and dating him (gulp) two more time, I was a mess. What most people don't know was my desperate stage where I threw myself at several guys one right after the other.

Guy #1:
The first guy, lets just call him Wolfman seemed like the perfect guy to get me over my ex. Sweet, strong, handsome cowboy from Texas. I should have seen it coming, I really knew better. Guys online come and go from your life so fast it isn't funny, but he promised he would be there for me. He told me if things got hard for me, he would drive up here and take me away from it all. I believed him; I believed in him. Then came the night he told me the truth.....or so he said. He was a werewolf!

I am sure that is one line no girl can ever say she has heard before. A werewolf, my God how nuts did I think I was? Or better question, how nuts was he!?! So I played along (not believing it of course) thinking that he was just joking. He kept acting normally, like he still liked me and all. I guess he was just playing me for a fiddle, and I fell for it. Shortly thereafter he disappeared for a long time. Last I saw, he had a girlfriend and has never talked to me again. Strike One, Stupid girl.

Guy #2.
The second guy was cute, a little older and from South Dakota, Lets call him FraidyCat. Seemed sweet, funny and a little lonely. I wanted to come into his life and "fix" him. At first I saw him as only a friend, but slowly he started growing on me. Since he wasn't too far away, I kind of figured he might me my next boyfriend. I learned the hard way to NEVER assume. One Day we talked for hours about everything, just everything. That night he told me he wanted a "break from me." Whatever that meant.

We didnt talk for about a week and when he came back he was having some family problems. I tried to help him, I kept telling him that I would be there for him and I wanted to help. He just pushed me away and called me annoying. Lovely. Try to help someone and they treat you like you don't matter. Strike Two, Stupider girl.

Guy #3:
This was verrry shortlived.He was sweet, cute and actually from Nebraska, and lets call him...LiesThroughTeeth. I met him the night I turned 17. He thought that was pretty cool and we talked for hours. I had been fascinating a little too much, I think I wanted someone so bad I didn't care. I just wanted someone to take away all the pain. Biggest thing I remember was the question I asked him: "You're not one of those guys that vanishes after a week are you?" His response: "I don't disappear" Hahaha I dont think he ever talked to me again after that night.
Strike 3: Forever alone

*there is a Guy #4 that has been in my life for the past 5 months. Never gotten upset with me, never  disappeared without an explanation. Sweeter than honey, funnier than a stand-up comedian, and honest as the day is long. (Kleenex Boy) So never give up, there's someone out there, you just have to have the patience to look for them.

Forever Alone

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