Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello....wait...who are you again?

So this past year I had a distance learning English Comp class. There were two other schools in it other than my own. This gave me the opportunity to meet people from schools I normally would never have met. However, at a quiz bowl meet one time I actually met one of these students in person. After adding me on facebook that night, ..Comp Guy and I became pretty good friends. We spent our school days sending emails about people we didn't like, school and food. (I typically wrote about the food, just to be evil and make him hungry.) Anyways, a few weeks ago I gave him my number and I had totally forgotten about it.

Last night I woke up a little after midnight to my phone going off. I was so groggy I couldn't even find it, and when it quit ringing I fell back asleep. A few minute later it went off again to tell me I had a missed call and voicemail. So I saw the first 3 digits and automatically assumed it was Kleenex Boy. I listened to my voicemail and he just He was way more enthusiastic than normal and his voice was higher. Without thinking, I just called the number back.

As I said before I was really groggy. I told him he was too enthusiastic for 12:30 at night. I also told him he sounds different. Comp Guy had obviously no idea what I was talking about, so he let me go back to sleep. After he hung up I looked at my phone and was instantly mortified. However I did end up calling Kleenex Boy to tell him what transpired, although he didn't answer his phone, go figure. I laughed for at least ten minutes before I even went to sleep.

So yeah. Word to the wise...Don't call me after midnight. I will not know who you are.

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