Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just thoughts, worries, and other boring stuff...

As promised, here's an updated post. Not much new has happened since 5:00 today, but I felt you got a bit short changed with my last post. So my cat, lets just call her Sassy for the sake of anonymity, she had kittens last week, four little tiny squeakers. Unfortunate for her, she now has two more mouths to feed. See, HRF has a cat, well its not hers per se, its more of a stray that she somewhat took in, because her mom, whom we refer to as Crusty (no we seriously do), won't let her have an actual cat. Anywhos this stray pooped out kittens and abandoned the lil suckers. So HRF calls me last night asking me to kitten sit today, which means bottle feeding every two hours. However I just threw the lil buggers in with Sassy, who's taking care of them real nice. Now this may sound heartless, but I love the little guys I really do. You just have a more blunt way of looking at the world when 90% of the muscles in your body are aching and you have bruises up and down your left leg.

Anyways. Blogger Boy. He seems to be a hit topic lately. How do I feel about him? Well I can tell you this right up, I love him. He's sweet, funny, extremely attractive, and not just in a physical sense. There's stuff you blog stalkers don't want to know about..juuust sayin. Its just...he's busy. As in, I wont see him for a year and a half. He's....serving his time...okay that makes it sound like he's in prison. Nooooo He's not a criminal I promise you. He's not a thief or a cold blooded killer, but if he were here he'd probably knock me dead and steal a few kisses. Har, har, har. I'm so -not- clever.

Side Note:* Oh my God. I hate how sometimes you hit the backspace and it takes you back a page. Luckily it saved my writing and uh I think I'm allergic to something my left eye is oozing and swollen and the backs of my hands are breaking out*

But back to BB, Idk what to think about him. He's an amazing guy, and he realizes I still have emotions about Kleenex Boy. I mean I threw myself a year and a half of time at him, and ended up just where I started. I have to ask myself if BB is the same way, and I keep coming up with, "No BB wouldn't do that, BB has a different mentality than KB." The thing is, it is a long time to wait. So much can change in a year and half time...Thats an idea for a blog post. aha. I shall do it.

I made BB a promise, that if I were single in a year and a half when he..ahem....gets done doing what he's doing....I'd be with him, no questions asked. But there are so many things to consider. I'll be out on my own here shortly, once my lazy bum finds a job, and what if someone comes along? I mean its unlikely but, who knows, stranger things have happened. I mean, Blogger Boy himself did happen across me a year ago.But enough for now I've bored you peoples long enough.

*Angie Rich signing off.*

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