Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Never come to my house with your girlfriend and her mom.

So I've been having these ridiculously crazy vivid dreams lately. Once I got married to Blogger Boy and Kleenex Boy was the best man. Another stupid one was about me accidentally flashing my former principal and getting to serve community service on some lake I'd never heard of for 14 days. And after all of these dreams I wake up and think they're real for a split second. The last two mornings I've woken up almost crying...then I start laughing when I think about it just being a dream. But last night was the most vivid (and actually realistic) dream I have ever had about Kleenex Boy. I was ready to take the boy's head off!

Kleenex Boy had just told me he was in the area and wanted to hang out. Naturally I was thrilled to see him again. It had been awhile since I'd heard anything back and was getting concerned. I was in the backyard with some friends of mine...literally on one's shoulders as she played with a helium balloon. I texted KB from her phone and asked where he was. Next thing I know a car pulls into my driveway, and he gets out and walks up to my parents, introducing not only himself, but his new girlfriend and her MOTHER!

I was so upset I didn't even greet him. I went straight inside, ignoring the stupid smile he gave me.The entire time he was there, my family treated him like he was their own son. They laughed, talked and ate supper, while I just hung out with my oldest brother in the living room. His new girl and him had met in some theater group and she'd gone to same school I had 6 years before. One time passing through the living room, her mom stopped to tell me "What a nice boy he was and how he was so good for her daughter." I wanted to stab her. I was getting soooooooo pissed off. Later after everyone had taken off I sneaked into the kitchen to get some water and there was Kleenex Boy washing the dishes!! He smiled at me again and looked like he wanted to talk. I just rolled my eyes and stormed off. Later my family and I were watching this movie that  beloved son, Kleenex Boy, had brought. And it had film of me and Blogger Boy on it!! (I have no idea how that happened.) And I'm sitting there praying that no one recognizes me. I was ready to rip his throat out, when I woke up almost crying about my betrayal by KB and BB. When I realized it was a dream I started laughing so hard.

I just had to tell Kleenex Boy about this, So I had this new phone I was trying to text him with, but he wound up calling me instead. I kept trying to tell him about this dream I had, but he kept talking about this theater group. Yup, thats when I woke up AGAIN from the Second dream in One night about him. *Sigh* Why can't I just have more dreams about marrying Blogger Boy? bahahaha. Dear Brain, please stop having retarded dreams that you temporarily think are real. Sincerely, Me

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