Monday, May 13, 2013

What's in a name?

So its a well known joke in my small, tiny, itsy bitsy group of friends that for a long time Kleenex boy and I were the parents of "Her Royal Fatness." However, since the end of our... semi-relationship...Her Royal Fatness has been somewhat orphaned. To remedy this I asked Blogger boy (metaphorically down on one knee) to be her father. He readily agreed (as long as he got to occasionally harass her on Facebook) and now we're up and running....I guess.

There's just a few things I need to iron out. For one, it was simpler before because Her Royal Fatness and Kleenex Boy actually did have quite a big in common, looks being one of them. Blogger Boy and her don't really resemble each other...I shall have to ponder this to see what I can come up with. Well they both are crazy....and crazy for me. No lie, the two of them would probably donate their internal organs for me.

I asked a survey of these three important figures in my life, what they'd do if I was with them somewhere and I got knifed by some jerk who ran away. (Idk my scenarios are pretty messed up) Kleenex Boy said he'd perform first aid and get me to a hospital, but if it happened in real life, the guy would never have gotten a chance to get me. Blogger Boy said he'd pull out his concealed 9mm and shoot the guy, and Her Royal Fatness? She'd watch me bleed out on the street. I have lovely friends don't I? I figure if I'm going to get stabbed any time soon, I hope all three of them are there.

But seriously my life is retarded. Some days it still feels like half my heart is in Kleenex boy's lap. And then when Blogger boy talks to me, its like...Adios tissue, me no need you no more. "Blogger Boy" isn't a really good name for him. You know they have those names based on cities, like "Lost in Los Angeles" "Sleepless in Seattle" I could do that for him, though he may wish to remain more anonymous. HRF (Her Royal Fatness) could be considered "Naughty in Neligh" hahahaha but I'll still to HRF its easier. Hmmm Blogger Boy.....

Well lets think, He's absolutley gorrrrgeous, dreamy, strong, incredibly smart, and Italian. Sometimes I refer to him as "signore" or "mio angelo" cause I'm a sap and I like foreign words, it makes me sound smarter than I actually am. I made a voice recording for HRF in which I referred to her as the little Indian girl (She has Native American ancestory) I was the little ratchet peasant girl. Kleenex Boy was the "Knight in shining armor" and Blogger Boy was Prince Charming. Oh yes and HRF's boyfriend was the big chieftain. Yippie Kie Yi!  Oh I tell you, she's going to scalp me someday, that girl. I guess for now Blogger Boy will just be BB. But for now the Village Girl is out.

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