Friday, May 17, 2013

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn and Pinkeye

Ahhh 11:11 Time for a wish. I wish I had never started this post because now I have to finish it and finishing it means staying up longer when all I want to do is sleep. Uhhh. Well now its 11:12 and my wish is not granted. Roar. I have a real issue with commitment here. I need a nap. Moo. Hate is a strong word, but I hate conjunctivitis. I do believe I have bacterial pinkeye in my left eyeball. Its been screwy for a week now and I'm starting to treat it with Tea Tree Oil, although my dear Her Royal Fatness insists I go to the doctor. Silly girl thinks I'll go blind or die or something. The other night I was trying to get Kleenex Boy to say something really mean about me to make me cry so it would feel better, but he didnt seem to go along with my idea. Something about not wanting to hurt my feelings or something. I told him I'd scalp him. That was ineffective. I need to come up with better threats. 

So I met my brother's girlfriend today. She was really nice and pretty too for being 12 years older than him. Oh yeah and she has an 8 year old son named Dylan, he's a real cutie. Who knows, he may end up being my...nephew-in-law-in-law? Gah Families are so confusing. Personally I think the world should just go take a nap, everyone could use one. I'm yawning so much my eyes are watering hardcore and that makes my yucky eye feel better so. And when you say the world "yawn" everyone then has to yawn. And Yawning helps cool down your brain or so some over-educated numbskull claims. I just think yawning is cool. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. Comment on this if I made you yawn at least once. Yawn, dammit. Moo.

Okay I am officially sleep deprived and need to get sleep immediately. 


Admit it. I got ya!


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