Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Short, sweet and to the poi...what was I saying?

You know its true love when you miss someone after not seeing them four days....Yes...Her Royal Fatness is my one true love- be still my beating heart- but Blogger Boy is catching up fast. The last few days have been uneventful, full of cursing and sweating and working cows. Blah. Life is duller than a butter knife these days.What I've learned the last few days: Kleenex Boy is unreliable as ever. HRF is going through some of her own battles. And Blogger Boy? Well he's busy, but as sweet as can be. Maybe that makes him a bee? Busy as a Bee. Sweet as Honey. Bahahaha Blogger Boy Bee. BBB. Bahahaha I crack myself up. This is the most awesome post yet.

You know what really annoys me? My freaking O key on my keyboard keeps falling off. However, I've become excellent at putting it back on. Everything you do in life is preparation for something else. Perhaps because of this experience I'll be a computer-putter-together-type person someday. Who knows? I know for absolute sure I will not be a cattle chaser, cowboy. Oh Hell to the no. Tooooooooo lazy for that. I'm also too lazy to continue this post. The world of Angie Rich is a boring, boring place I'll let you know when something interesting happens like Blogger Boy shows up tomorrow morning with breakfast in bed for me. That's be alright.
Angie-Girl out.

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