Monday, June 17, 2013

The Life of A Firefly

Have you ever felt like a firefly? Where one moment you're flying high, enjoying the cool evening breeze of late July. You're flashing and bright and totally free. The next thing you know some clammy, grubby hand has captured and deposited you in a wide-mouth mason jar.

You can see everything in the outside world through your glass cell walls, but you can never reach it. There's no way you can fly your tiny body into the walls hard enough for them to even crack. No, you're totally at the mercy of someone big nasty person. They are your only key to freedom, but no matter how hard you try, they just don't care.The lid to your prison is screwed on tight and you are slowly running out of oxygen.You have no energy. No strength. And no hope.

The only light at the end of your tunnel is a firefly glow, the echoed reflection of your once-carefree youth, and it quickly blinks out. You cower in fear at the bottom of the jar, hoping its just a dream that you'll wake up soon. But you won't. You'll never soar in the night sky again. Never fall asleep on a flower blossom again.

You're trapped to this life as some strange insect exhibit until you slowly suffocate in silence. No one cries for dead fireflies. No one will mourn you when you're gone. They will simply dump you in the grass the next morning. If no hungry predator decides to snack on your dried out carcass, you'll just decompose into someone's plush green lawn.

 This is your life. The life of a firefly.

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