Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lost in a simple game Cat and Mouse are we the same people as before this came to pass?

So we've all heard the story of the cat and mouse right. Cat chases mouse. Mouse gets away. Cat chases mouse. Mouse gets away. Repeat for eternity. But what if the mouse had gotten caught...just not in the way you imagine. Mouse doesn't become a midnight snack...but maybe a best friend...or even lover? This is the story of me and..I guess on here I refer to him as Blogger Boy. He saw, he chased, he lost, over and over again. Until...finally he caught me...and BOY did he catch me!! And this is our story---

There once was a timid field mouse daintily walking through the yard, when a tabby cat came out of nowhere. The tabby stalked its prey for a while then got down on its haunches and eyed the tasty morsel of a mouse with its tail twitching. In a blink of his brown eyes, the tabby leaped through the air and pounced on the mouse...only the mouse wasn't between his paws. The mouse had escaped and was safely behind a tree. So the tabby bounded after it, and thats how the chase began. Time after time the tabby thought he'd trapped the young mouse, but she always seemed to evade him. The mouse would hide in narrow crevices that the tabby's wide paw could not reach, but he never gave up. For he did not want to eat the poor mouse, he only wished to be friends with her. But she was afraid of him. After a while she began to enjoy the game, taunting the cat that he would never catch her.

But one afternoon the cat was coming across the road, stalking toward the mouse like a lion. When he noticed the mouse wasn't scampering off. She was sitting on a rock crying softly. Instead of playing chase, the big hearted cat came right up to the mouse and licked her on the top of the head. This startled the mouse, who looked up at him with big blue eyes, damp with tears. The cat just laid down beside her and wrapped his paws around her while she told him the story of her broken heart. The following weeks were the same, the loyal cat and the heartbroken mouse became best friends. They didn't see the need to run and chase, for they were contented just to lay side by side and pour out the secrets of their hearts.

But the story of the Cat and Mouse is far from over, they still chase and hide, wrestle and fight. But they always end up in each other's paws, silently sleeping side by side. These two friends will be chasing each other for the rest of their lives.

I believe a chorus of "Awwwws" is appropriate at this time. True story, bro. The cat finally caught the mouse and stole her heart. And they all lived happily ever after.