Monday, September 2, 2013

Return to Rather Dashing

That moment when you wake up and realize the fairytale you were chasing was only the wind, and true love is what you left behind. All along it was the boy in the black leather jacket that had your heart and truly he always will. He's the other half of you, the voice of reason you forgot you had, your best friend.You share the same taste in music and movies and you've had a long happy history together. He never ceases to inspire you to do great things in your life and can make you laugh with only a word. Though he has seen you at your absolute worst, he isn't afraid and never gives up on you. When you feel ugly, he sees only beauty. When you feel pathetic, he shows you that you're special. He knows and understands you inside and out, in a way no one ever has or ever will. From your darkest secrets to your most intimate thoughts you cannot keep anything from him. He's always there for you. Though he deals with hardship on a daily basis, he still takes time out to be strong for you. He may feel miserable in his own life, but he still tries hard to uplift you when you're down. A boy like this is not easy to find, they don't grow on trees, indeed they are very rare. If in your travels you should ever run across such a man, stop and ask him for directions and then never leave his side.This is true love, do you think this happens every day? Don't be a fool as I have been and fall for the prince with slicked back hair and fancy clothes. Their promises are full of air and their lies are all that flourish. Instead look for a knight with tarnished armor, one with a few scratches and dents in his shield, sword a little bent, mail a tad rusty. He's weathered the world, had a few scrapes with death and would battle a wing-a-ling dragon for you. He has that unfailing chivalry, the code by which he lives his life. He finds anger pointless, forgiveness essential, and fraudulence reprehensible. His hugs are intoxicating and his kisses could melt the poles. He'll never see what you see in him, and the same goes for you. Your heart is in his hands, but you get scared and rip it away, breaking off a massive chunk. It wasn't him that did the breaking it was you, but you still run. Yet no matter how far apart you fall, he's always the one you fall back on. He's your knee-jerk reaction, your default setting, the one you run to for comfort when the world gets too tough. He's absolutely inescapable, always in the back of your mind and it's utterly inconceivable how much he still cares for you. You don't want to wake up one day to an ancient booer at your door, reminding you that you had love in your hands and you gave it up. Return to Rather Dashing and mend up that broken heart before it begins to fester, or else you'll wind up lonely, ill and quite drunk in a gutter outside a tavern. This would not be well my friend, you best follow my advice. Or else like me you'll watch him walk away and you'll be left standing there reliving the memory of his final words, "You'll always have a part of me with you."

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