Cannot Be Boxed

I can paint you an abstract picture
Full of life and color
With shapes and designs
That will blow your mind
But when it comes to drawing something real
That I cannot do.

I can write you a free-verse poem
Full of metaphors and humor
With words and rhymes
That will blow your mind
But when it comes to writing something formatted
That I cannot do.

I can solve you a three-step equation
Full of mathematical symbols
With numbers and signs
That will blow your mind
But when it comes to solving something applied
That I cannot do.

I guess some individuals were
Meant to think out side the box
Color outside the lines
And wear our mis-matched socks.

I Once Knew A Girl

I one knew a girl that was beautiful inside
But with makeup and glitter her inner beauty she would hide
She lived in a world that that thought she was ugly
They stared, and they glared and smiled at her smugly
At night she would cry and wish she were dead
She considered taking her life, but cut her wrists instead
Hoping someone would see her tortured soul
But eventually the agony began to take its toll
After day upon day of nothing but pain
She finally gave up and said "Theres nothing to gain
All people do is cheat and tell lies
I really should not be suprised"
She wrote down her feelings and put them in a note
She signed it "Goodbye" and that was all she wrote

I once knew a girl that was beautiful inside
For some reason that night she commited suicide
I know it wasnt wrong, but that doesnt make it right
She had to make the choice, to take her own life
The people that hated her became her best friends
But its a little too late, after her young life ends
Sometimes I think of her so lonely and sad
I think shes the best friend, that i have ever had

I once knew a girl that was beautiful inside
I saw her today; I sat on her grave and cried...

Britany's Song 

I watched a little girl in a little yellow dress
Her clothes were dirty and her hair a mess
She must have been about five years old
She looked like she needed a hand to hold
So i sat he on my lap, and gave her a smile
She finally came around but it took her a while

She sat with me again later on that week
And I noticed a faint bruise on her pale white cheek
When I asked her how it happened she just said "Dad"
Then she started to cry and I felt so bad
I started to wipe the tears away
And said the only thing I could think to say

"Oh you tiny little girl
Caught in a mean, cruel world
Pick up your broken heart and fly away
You will be free again some day
Dont forget you are beautiful
God has a place for broken hearted angels"