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The Sanswan Flower:
The beautiful Sanswan flower grows deep in the forest, and it opens once ever seven years, only under the light of a full moon. A myth exists that anyone who stands under its petals will find true love. Will this magical plant change the life of young Natasha and her war-torn country of Zideon forever?

Life Without Me:
The first thing Ashley saw when she opened her eyes was the blue sky filled with white puffy clouds. She looked around her at the dewy grass and mud. She was on the bank of the Cherry River. The bridge was not 20 feet away. What happened? Then she remembered the fight, storming off in the rain, and the car accident.
“Shoot,” she thought getting up, “I need to get back home.” Brushing the mud off her dress she crawled back up to the road. Wait, a dress…? She was wearing jeans last she remembered, and how had she gotten out of her car? Someone must have saved her, but why had they put her in a dress and left her there? She pushed her thoughts aside; it didn’t matter what happened, as long as she was alive.